It’s Time For…Random


  1. Nursery :: ZOMG I have been wishing this week I could still have BABIESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  2. Side effect :: Normal to my family
  3. Heart to heart :: One of the greatest TV shows evah! Stephanie Powers rawks
  4. Try :: Really hard (what I will be doing tomorrow morning at a job test while you are all sleeping-6:30am! I actually think showing up for a test on a Sunday at 6:30am is the first test)
  5. Hog :: chopper
  6. Symptom :: sign
  7. Collide :: nannygoat (can you say, car crash?)
  8. Fury :: hell hath none like a mom when her kid is messed with
  9. Incorporated :: KIDS Incorporated….sing along now
  10. Summer :: I miss her (my friend–the season I can wait for)


Need a pick me up? Chop off all your hair.


Simply Put


  1. Haa! We matched on Heart to heart… I even put up a video for the opening of the show if you wanna check it out.

    See ya 🙂

    Zooomabooma’s last blog post..End of May Mutterings

  2. That was crazy. I love how you wrote those thing that you did. Thanks for giving me an idea today.

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