Beware World, Bear is Unleashed

When my oldest graduated, I bawled like a baby. Her years of hard work all coalesced into a perfect moment of achievement the moment they called her name. Or the name close to hers. Yes, they messed up her name. But we were able to laugh about it.

MacDougal was going to graduate without much effort on my part. I mean, Lord knows, he worked hard all those years; but I never had to do much to help him. I was just a cheerleader on the side of his school career. But just before he graduated he got very sick. He nearly died. He had surgery upon surgery. And in the middle of it all was graduation. In a last minute reprieve, the doctor sprung him out of the hospital in the morning so he could attend. He ‘walked’ in a wheelchair. I was once again moved to tears.

I figured by the time I got to the third, I would be an old pro. She kept asking if I would cry, she actually seemed obsessed with my reaction to ‘my baby’ graduating and my emotional reaction. I worried. I didn’t feel like I was going to cry. I mean, yes I was proud and filled with joy, but it seemed inevitable and I didn’t think I would cry.

I was slightly mistaken. I didn’t even make it past the procession. Pomp and Circumstance boomed out of the speaker, Bear was sixth in line and I lost it. I simply couldn’t stop the flow of tears. Then some lovely young girl with a beautiful voice and some serious guitar skills performed and the waterworks began again. At that point, I figured the grandkids on either side of me might drown. I managed to curb the flood eventually. Until they started calling the names of all the graduates. Since we moved here only ten years ago, I didn’t know many of the kids in my other two’s graduating class. Except for their friends, they were virtually unknown to me. Bear’s class was full of names I knew. The would announce one and I would scream to Mr. Vixen, “Oh, I taught her in 2nd grade CCD.” “He was in my 5th grade class.” “His mom helped me when Bear was in 6th grade.” “She was in my girl scout troop.” And on and on. It was like being surrogate mother to 779 kids! I attended that high school, as a parent, for 12 years! I felt more at a loss than I am sure any of my kids ever did.

So another chapter in my life closes. High school is done. I will miss the football games, shadow a student day, the proms, and even the drama.

Maybe I should adopt.

Congratulations Bear. We are so proud and lucky to have you as our daughter!

June 2009 077a


Fall seven times and stand up eight


WW~San Diego County Fair


  1. *sniffs* You poor mommy! I’d be bawling too! Heck I’m sniffly thinking how close kindergarten is for my sweetie! Beautiful picture!!!

    Lesley’s last blog post..Walking and Running

  2. What a wonderful photo of the three of you! Bear is a beauty! Congratulations!!

    ellen b’s last blog post..A Cloche Party!

  3. Congrats Bear, and Mama too!!

    (I am so going to cry at Noodle’s).

  4. Congratulations to the graduate and her proud parents! Our “baby” will graduate next year, but dear husband and I are happy. If we can just make it through this coming school year, we’re celebrating! 🙂

    Anna’s last blog post..Something Else I’ve Been Up To…

  5. Congrats to you all!

    Tammy’s last blog post..Yes!

  6. Congrats to your beautiful daughter!

    I’m sure I will be the same with all my kid’s graduations. We’ve been lucky enough to be in the same school district since the oldest was in 2nd grade (he’ll be a senior this coming school year). I’ll be bawling for them and all the kids I’ve known for all those years.

    What will you do with yourself with all the kiddies out of school now?

    MrsB’s last blog post..Mrs. B. Cooks…. World Famous Potato Salad

  7. Awwwww…you are making me cry now. Congrats to your Bear! :o)

  8. Congratulations!!!

  9. Congratulations!

    Karen’s last blog post..Batiks Are Fun

  10. Congrats Bear!!!!


  11. What a great photo of the three of you, wow!

    Congrats, girl, the world is your oyster.

    Wacky Mommy’s last blog post..Dooce! and her new baby…

  12. oh, wow, congratulations to your daughter, Bear, and all of you in the family Vixen. what a wonderful photo you have there, of the three of you. Bear is such a beautiful and charming girl.

    betchai’s last blog post..Hoodoos Keep on Haunting Me

  13. Congrats!! To your whole family!

    Bell’s last blog post..Goedemorgen!

  14. DJ

    You must be so proud and what a beautiful photo! Maybe you should adopt, you sure do have the heart for it.

  15. Congratulations to Bear with the SUPER GORGEOUS hair! I am so jealous of those awesome ringlets! lol… That is really a great photo!

    I know I would have been bawling, too, if it was my baby. So don’t be embarrassed 🙂

  16. Hurray!! Congratulations! I’m so very very happy for you!

  17. awww, beautiful post!!! Congratulations to all of you!! My oldest just graduated from high school, too. I was prepared to be a weeping willow, but the waterworks came on so strongly for me, but the time we left there I was more of a “swamp thing”. The emotions were uncontrollable!!! Thats a beautiful pic of you guys! Congrats again!!
    .-= Jessica The Rock Chick´s last blog ..Too Much, Too Little, Too Late? =-.

  18. Yeah!!! This is so long off for me I doubt I will have tear ducts any more at that point. Congratulations are definitely in order never the less.

    You are totally welcome.

    You need not get all crazy about your last message to me silly lady!!! Really. I think of you and hope for the best of the best to happen. So don’t get all carried away for my sake. Just concentrate on your stuff and kids.

    If some good came from (it) it makes me happy just to know in some small way I could help.

  19. Congratulations to Bear. What a beautiful picture – I love the matching necklaces. Good luck to her in her next venture.

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