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Yes, it’s one of those posts. All the little updates lumped together in bullet form! You love them, I know! This will not be short nor sweet, but still may lead to questions. If you have them (questions, that is) throw them at me! Give me something to write about tomorrow!

  • Post-surgical: I *think* I am a little better every day. I am, however, still exhausted. Every single day. I suppose that is normal. I got a gross little infection last Friday which the doc called a ‘stitch abscess’. I am on antibiotics and he will check it again on Monday. During Collin’s memorial at the beach on Sunday, I stepped into a hole a dog and dug in front of me while I wasn’t looking. It twisted my ankle and, POW, down I went. So this week I have been sore and stiff again, nearly back to how I was a few weeks ago, but the doc says I didn’t do any damage.
  • Super Garden Status: I am a bit disappointed in the super garden. I don’t know if it is because it didn’t get the same level of tender loving care from me while I was laid up or if it is the heirloom seeds, but my harvest has been miserable. Considering the months of time, sweat and effort I put into it. I only got three ears of corn. There were a lot more growing, but the corn stalks all suddenly turned brown and died and the corn stopped growing. I only got three zucchini so far, four bell peppers and about 11 tomatoes. Considering I have eight tomato plants, I was hoping for many more. Only three cucumbers grew, only one little pumpkin so far and lots of flowers, but no cantaloupe. I think next year I might go with commercial seed…..I just want so much more to show for all my efforts.
  • Income or lack thereof: I finally got disability, but it isn’t much more than unemployment. Additionally, I never received my last week of unemployment pay. Instead I received a letter from the them stating I needed to have a ‘phone’ interview before I got anymore payments. I got the letter on July 12th and it stated that I had the “next available” interview time: August 17th.  We did apply again for food stamps, but were denied because I don’t have proof from unemployment that they stopped paying me (because I can’t get that until after my phone interview), I don’t know how they expected me to eat during July, I just thank God for the kindness and assistance of all my dear friends.
  • Why I never plan anything fun: I tried to plan a wonderful vacation in June, as you all know, and although it was a fantastic trip, I was in severe pain the entire time. So when my mom said she was going fishing up in Idaho just after Labor Day (as we did every year for over 10 years when we lived in Utah with her) and invited us to tag along….well, I got excited. Very, very excited. I cleared it with my doc. Checked the available seats on the airline (my mom is an ex-airline employee and Mr. Vix and I can fly on passes). Told the kids (and NO they didn’t take it well). Got more excited. Started dreaming about fishing last night…and the BAM! After three years of working on Mr. Vixen’s disability claim, just today we received notification that we finally have a hearing with the administrative law judge. And that hearing? Yes, during the time we were going fishing. Fishing=fail. Big heavy sigh.
  • Health: During my surgery/hospital stay my blood sugars were really high. In fact, 2 of the 3 nights I was there I had to have insulin injections (I usually only take medication). We hoped that it was the stress of the surgery, but it continues to be higher than usual. No longer ‘well’ controlled in my opinion. Part of the problem is that the medication I was taking that controlled before surgery (glypizide XR) was not covered by Medi-Cal and so I had to switch to something else. Due to the fact that my share of cost for MediCal is $1000 every month, I am just continuing to take the meds I have and watching what I eat. I have no choice. I think the real problem lies with my weight. I have gained 8 pounds since the surgery. And I can’t exercise at all to get rid of it. Another heavy sigh. All I can do is bide my time, right?
  • Calendar: August is a month chock-full-a stuff at Vixen’s Den. As you know, we just commemorated Collin’s one year. This weekend Mr. Vixen and I will celebrate (with pretend dinner out paid for with pretend money, hah) our 27th wedding anniversary. And two weekends from now the adorable (and full of mischief) Butterball will celebrate her 2nd birthday! Where does the time go? Do you know? Does anyone know? Is it hiding somewhere? Can we get some of it back?
  • What to look forward to: Football. Pre-season starts tomorrow. Hooray.


WW~ Messages To Heaven (Collin’s Memorial 8/9/09)


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  1. Vixen, am glad to know you feel a little bit better, i hope things will turn out better each day.
    .-= betchai´s last blog ..A Walk In Paradise At Planet Mars, in Planet Earth, California =-.

  2. Well at least he’s getting a hearing even if it is at an incredibly craptastic time! Sucks that you have to miss your fishing trip! My garden isn’t doing well either. I’m watering it religiously and fending off the bugs but it still just keeps drying up. I don’t think I’m going to have any corn actually make it to harvest! And I was so looking forward to it too! I do have a few nice pumpkins though and my squash (despite the squash bugs) has done quite well.

    The infection you have sounds icky! Poor thing! I hope the antibiotics clear it up fast.

    Your medi-cal thing sounds awful! How can anyone be expected to cough up 1000 bucks a month! It’s just nuts!

    *HUGS* Maybe this is an upturn and things are going to be improving from here on up. That’s my hope for you, hun!
    .-= Lesley´s last blog ..It’s not selling out…It’s using what you’ve got! =-.

  3. I hope the ankle and the infection are getting better. Sorry about the garden. I don’t think a garden would have done very well here since we had the coldest July on record and more rain than in the spring! I truly feel your pain about the money issues. We had to borrow some (nice thing to have to do when you’re in your 40s!) and that was before our dear youngest daughter totaled her sister’s car. My mom always said that everything happens for a reason…sure wish I could figure out what that reason could possibly be! Another thing she used to tell us all the time was “this too shall pass”, so hang in there.
    .-= Anna´s last blog ..Top Droppers for July =-.

  4. Mar

    Butterball will be 3? I can’t believe it.

    Glad to hear you are starting to feel better.

  5. Bummer about the garden and the fishing trip. Hope you continue to feel better and hope everything comes together with the disability stuff. Happy early Anniversary!
    .-= BeadedTail´s last blog ..Friday Features! =-.

  6. I hope missing out on the fishing trip pays off!
    .-= SandyCarlson´s last blog ..Blog Your Blessings: Lone Survivor =-.

  7. Becki

    Yikes! Sounds like you’re keeping a good attitude through it all!

    There’s an award for you over on my blog 🙂

  8. Heavy sighs do sum it up. After reading that one I am not sure to be happy about some things or sad about others. I’m all mixed up.

    You are in my thoughts for health and wealth and happiness. In what ever order they come.
    .-= Julia´s last blog ..Maximum Houdinii =-.

  9. Wow, it sounds as though you are still having such a hard time. I’m so sorry to hear about that. I hope Mr. Vixen’s hearing goes well and I’ll keep sending positive energy your way.

    P.S. – Your comment on my blog brought tears to my eyes. Thank you.
    .-= Mountain Woman´s last blog ..Ramblings on a Hot Day =-.

  10. Hang in there, girl! Good things are coming. And don’t dis your garden, I am very impressed!
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..One Week From Now =-.

  11. Amazing, judging from the events that you gone trough, you must be the type of person who love adventure. Don2&8#17;t know any of you, but Yasmin yes, a person that full with philosophy. I really enjoy read your texts. Cheers from Zaadouk

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