Not Much To Cheer About Tuesday

Congratulations to Yoga Witch who won the custom apron from ApronFrenzy at Mrs. B’s giveaway yesterday. If you didn’t win, please take a look at the available aprons for sale. Also stay tuned very soon for another giveaway of a custom apron over at ApronGodessess (anticipation much?)

On the home front, there isn’t much good news. Although the 30 days has progressed, we still have no word on the final disposition of Mr. Vixen’s SSDI hearing. It has been 33 days now (not that I am counting).

On an even sadder note, while dog-sitting Bubbles (who is Ladybug’s service dog in training) he somehow hurt himself on Saturday. By Sunday morning he was dragging his legs. By Monday morning, when we visited the vet he appears to have loss of feeling in both his back legs and no movement. The vet believes it is a herniated disc. She is not very hopeful about recovery, but is also not willing to give up hope yet. He is a very young and an otherwise healthy dog so we just have to give it time. I believe since he wasn’t paralyzed at the immediate time of when he somehow hurt himself (he was in the backyard by himself, no one saw what happened we just heard him yipping) and since the paralysis came on over time, that it might be swelling from the herniation. Many of you know I suffered a terrible disc herniation in July and had to undergo surgery, so I can certainly identify with Bubbles’ issues.

We used every single penny we had to get him the treatment we could (thanks to some twitterers who bought aprons for that very purpose). Obviously we can’t afford to get the myelogram to see if surgery is needed so we are on a course of steroids and antibiotics and crossing our fingers and toes. I have to help him empty his bladder, but he knows when he needs to poop and let’s me know so I can carry him out. There is some worry that he could get sores on his legs from dragging them, so I am trying to figure out a way to crochet something to protect them until he gets better (can’t afford to buy them, so if you have a pattern idea let me know!). As I said, we used every last penny we had for the visit and meds (actually I was short $3.37, but they said they would bill me, wasn’t that kind of them?), and we will still need some more meds (not to mention carpet cleaning solution). I made the choice to use our food money, because Ladybug is that important to me and I believe he deserves a chance. I encourage you to visit ApronFrenzy and tell everyone you know about it, as all money made there will go to his care.

I am off to give Bubbles some hydrotherapy and help him empty his bladder. All positive thoughts, prayers, well wishes and anything else you can think of is greatly appreciated. Ladybug will be home from her dad’s sister’s wedding on Wednesday and I hope there is some improvement by then. The vet thinks it could take up to a month though, so I guess I am hoping for a miracle.


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  1. Ali

    I’m so sorry for all you are going through right now, and I truly hope for a ray of sunshine to cross your path this week, and bring with it some good news!

    HUGS & LOVE!
    .-= Ali´s last blog ..Weekly Weigh In! =-.

  2. Mar

    Dang Vic, if its not one thing its another.

    So nice of them to bill you. They are all heart.

    Hope Bubbles feels better soon.
    .-= Mar´s last blog ..Cluster Fawk =-.

  3. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed, too! I’ll try to help out again if I can. Praying for sales for both of us! Hang in there hon and we’re here if you need us!
    .-= Anna´s last blog ..Thursday Thirteen #11: A x 13 =-.

  4. I hope Bubbles gets better soon. Poor thing. You are the best grandma!

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