What I Did On Monday, Brought To You On Tuesday

Well, I have been working hard around here. Or hardly working, depending on your definition. Last week I went for another follow up with the neurosurgeon. I should definitely be better by now. He gave me orders for another MRI, this one with contrast as the scar tissue from the previous surgery would show up on a regular MRI. The deal is this: The residual issues I am having are on the left side. While his original plan (due to the huge size of the herniation) was to do both sides at the time of the original surgery; when he went in on the right, he found bone spurs and the 45 min surgery became nearly 3 hours. At that point, he decided just doing the one side may have solved my problems. The residual issues could still possibly be nerve damage (or nerve memory) from the herniation. He said most people are already better by now if there isn’t still a problem. But (his words) “the size of your herniation puts you in a class all by yourself.” So although I need an MRI, there is still a chance I may not need surgery. Depends on the findings. If there is still herniation, then I will have to have surgery again. If not, it just may take time. Who knows. First things first. I have to figure out how to pay for the MRI.

I am trying to get an earlier start this year on some aprons for the upcoming holiday season. Hoping to make enough money to buy the kids some gifts (or pay for an MRI). In the meanwhile, you all need to go over to ApronFrenzy during the Fall/Autumn 20% off sale and buy all those aprons so I can get more material for the December holidays! The sale only lasts until the 23rd, so hurry. I have also started making some little decorative towels (the four below I did yesterday as a special request for someone who had bought a custom apron out of the same material).

The need to bake has come upon me. And I feel the need to bake with pumpkin. No idea why. Yesterday I made this tasty pumpkin cheesecake and let me tell you….it was so good, I would consider replacing the pie at Thanksgiving with this. And I don’t even like cheesecake.

It’s been getting much cooler at night here and Bear found some cute dog shirts on sale at Targ3t. Pumpkin (in the Bite Me shirt) seemed to enjoy hers the best. Chewbacca tolerated hers, but I didn’t realize how much weight she had put on until the shirt was on her. I think she looks like the Jolly Green Giant. There was also a little princess in pink running around (Bear’s dog), but Princesses sometimes choose not to pose for pictures and us little people must learn to live with it.


“All truth is good, but not all truth is good to say.”


WW~Mother and Child Reunion (Cook Together)


  1. Hope your sales increase so you can get the MRI paid for. Your aprons are so pretty. Love the dogs in the shirts… cute
    .-= Judi´s last blog ..The Christmas Cookie Club by Ann Pearlman =-.

  2. Good work buddy! Carry on! Have a great time.
    .-= structured settlement payments´s last blog ..Structured Settlement Payment =-.

  3. I hope the MRI goes well.

    I love both pumpkin and cheesecake, but I’m not sure I’d be willing to give up my pumpkin pie.
    .-= Alice Audrey´s last blog ..13 Pictures of Animals in Africa =-.

  4. 🙁 Yer back is not behaving!!! Fingers crossed and hoping for the best best best best result possible.

    Suzi made creme brulle and YUM!!!! But I probably could eat your entire cheesecake at once… being the piggie that I am.

    Bye for now!!
    .-= Julia´s last blog ..Random Tuesday Thoughts-How Bird Poop, Kittens, Thumbs and Aliens are Affecting My Life. =-.

  5. Loved the pooch pic looong time!!!
    .-= JihadGene´s last blog ..It’s Friday! Let’s Dance!!! =-.

  6. So sorry to hear you’re having residual issues and still having to have MRIs. It’s been such a long year for you. If you decide to bake and sell your baked goods, put me down for one of everything. Love those baked goodies!!
    Be well. I’m sending you positive energy.
    .-= Mountain Woman´s last blog ..Mountain Man Mondays; What Do You Mean There’s No Hot Water Heater? =-.

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