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I’ve been wondering about co-sleeping for some time. You know, packing the entire family into one bed. When my kids were babies no one practiced co-sleeping that I knew of. We had a nursery ready and set to go before the baby came home. The first few weeks, at my mother’s suggestion, the baby slept in a bassinet next to my bed. A good thing too, because Mr. Vixen rarely woke up in the night and I was so exhausted I could barely reach over and grab her for the nightly feedings. I continued that practice with the next two kids. As soon as they were down to one or two feedings a night I moved them to their nursery.

On Saturday we had the girls over for a sleep over. No choice but to have them sleep in our king size bed with us. I thought there would be very little issue, since the bed is so big. Not entirely true. The little rugrats toss and turn all night. One is a little heater and keeps kicking off all the covers while we are freezing. If you get up for a moment, don’t expect your space to still be unoccupied when you get back. There will be a child in your space, sleeping sideways, I guarantee it.

When we first went to bed I had such a wonderful sense of closeness to them. All cuddly and snuggely. Then the talking started. Butterball talked straight for nearly an hour. All questions. ‘Nama, what’s that? over and over; the closet, the door, her sister, Papa, the roof, etc. Ladybug was quiet except when Butterball would start asking her questions, then she would tell her in no uncertain terms she was trying to sleep.

So I am probably not cut out for co-sleeping. High on my priority list of things I want now is a spare bedroom!


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  1. It’s funny… I can’t imagine not co-sleeping. 😀 Don’t get my wrong. Nicky sleeps in his own room and starts out the night there. I don’t take Finn to bed until he’s sleeping already so there isn’t any of the long bouts of talking, otherwise I might go insane. 😀 I just can’t fathom the idea of a nursery. I just got rid of our crib because it became clear to me that I would never have a baby that slept in one. hehe And no reason for it to take up my closet space. When they are very tiny I do put them in a cosleeper that attaches to the bed. Well…I tried with Nicky, but he wouldn’t sleep anywhere but on top of me. Finn did sleep in his cosleeper though and it was wonderful because I had a breath monitor that went under his mattress that told me if he stopped breathing. Not that he ever stopped breathing…but I’m an insanely nervous mother. With Nicky I literally woke up like every ten minutes for the first year of his life. I can’t imagine having Finn in another room even now! I’d worry about him all the time, baby monitor or not. I am going to start transitioning him to his own bed soon…maybe…Maybe not…He’s a bed hog, but O do so love cuddling with him. hehehe

  2. We tried cosleeping with both of ours. It never lasted past about 4 months with either of them. They were both very adamant in their need for their own space-kicking us, fussing, waking 15-20 times per night. I still love to snatch them up (one at a time) & bring them into bed with me but it rarely lasts through the night…and if it does, they wake up at a ridiculous hour. Oddly enough, though, they love to sleep in bed with each other & have been sharing the crib for 3-4 months now.

  3. Oh my goodness! I’ll bet you were both tired after that night. My kids always hogged the bed or slept sideways. No rest with kids or dogs in our bed. LOL

  4. We never started the co-sleeping – only when a kid was sick. I’m a very cranky person when I don’t get my sleep. 😉 I know alot of parents that did though and some loved it while others were like me. LOL

  5. I’m having trouble leaving comments on your blog. No problem with others ???

  6. okay, I figured it out I have to uncheck “authenticate this comment using Open ID” Unfortunately, I forgot the whole message I left. 🙂 just know I’ve been trying to comment the last couple of days and it wasn’t letting me. 🙁

  7. We co-slept somewhat with the girl child, but the boy child? Never was interested. Even as an infant, most nights would have him unhappily whimpering until I tucked him into his infant car seat. I think he just felt safer, hehe. Even now, he prefers to sleep alone.

  8. Co sleeping SUCKS!!!! I don’t care how big the bed is its not big enough… I did similar to you when my kids fit in the bassinet but as soon as they out grew it they went in their own rooms. If you are a light sleeper kids in your room or bed is awful!!!! Ok I don’t have any opinion here do I.

  9. Back in the good old days when my son was an infant, I was a breast feeding mom and involved in the La Leche League. There was a book entitled “The Family Bed” and until that book, I had never heard about co-sleeping. It makes life easier with a breast feeding infant for sure.
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  10. Oh no, Co sleeping. My kids in my bed, my wife and me would not sleep any minute. Nevertheless it seems to be that you have a lot of fun with the hole family in one bed 😉

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