Friday Heat Frustration

RolyPoly is an outside baby. If you are not holding him IN YOUR ARMS, then he has to be outside. It is the only place he will sit in his swing and be content. I guess there is just so much to look at, he forgets he isn’t being held.

Unfortunately, yesterday (and apparently again today WOO HOO) we have had unseasonably warm weather for here. AND HUMID. I don’t tolerate heat well, but I despise humidity. (Why yes I do melt, just like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz. In fact, I have a bumper sticker that says “don’t make me get my flying monkeys” that the family gave me).

Too hot to be outside means we have to figure out not only what to do with ourselves inside all day, but RolyPoly too! Yesterday afternoon though, we had a little thunder/lightening/rain storm roll through. It was muggy and warm, but we haven’t seen one of those since we lived in Utah (pre-1998). So we sat out in the garden to try and enjoy it. RolyPoly got warm right away so we had to remove his onesie. He was sitting the swing looking at the lemon tree when he just started smiling. I have no idea what was so funny about the lemon tree at that moment, but his smile was unbelieveably radiant! And I caught the second one on camera!

This makes it not so frustrating at all. It is, in fact, contagious. Enjoy your weekend! And smile!


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I’ll Be Right There, Honey


  1. My MIL says that when babies start smiling at one spot for no apparent reason they’re seeing angels. 😀 His smile is sooo cute!

  2. What a wonderful smile!

  3. Man, he just fits right into your family, doesn’t he? Always wanting to be where the action is. California babies, love em.

  4. oh, love the smile Vixen, glad despite the heat and humidity, he can still smile like that. I can’t wait also for the weather to cool down, fortunately, this Monday will start to cool down, and today is our hottest so far of the season.

  5. Look at that smile! He is beautiful.

  6. Mar

    *sigh* What a sweet boy. How do you not eat him alive?

  7. Oh so cute! That is one big smile!!

  8. It’s just not fair that you have such a happy grandbaby when I am finding out just how surly my 21 year-old son really is. Yes, you could argue that it is no one’s fault but my own since I was the one who desperately wanted to get to know him after not being allowed any contact with him for the past 17 years, but that’s beside the point!

  9. I sympathize with you and Roly Poly. I too love the outdoors, and I so despise the heat and humidity. Been dealing with it for a while lately, and it’s getting worse way too early in the season.

    Gee I wonder if can get someone to hold to so I forget the heat? LOL.

  10. He is so adorable!

  11. What an absolute wonderful Picture. He is so cute. That smile will surely melt anyone’s heart.

  12. love those little ‘bald’ smiles lol. He is adorable!!! We’re hoping for a new granddaughter today. Like you new header.

  13. Wow, what a smile. I love it when the little ones smile.
    It’s been super hot here (not the 110 im used to) but hot and muggy, so I feel you.

  14. Sue

    What a beautiful baby! That would take away anyone’s frustration. We have had a very hot July here too!

    Hope you guys are staying coo.

    Like the new blog look 🙂

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