I thought I wanted a career, turns out I just wanted paychecks.

Good Friday morning one and all. Today I will be babysitting the highly entertaining, nearly three month old, RolyPoly so here is my quick post for the day before he arrives.

As you all know, I got my blog all prettified by the lovely Jenn at Designs By Princess Jenn. I am still accepting any and all compliments. I recommend her prices, her talent and her devotion to making your site whatever you want it to be!

For Father’s Day, I had Mr. Vixen’s Camaro painted. There were some issues (it ended up painted twice) and wasn’t ready until this week. But anyone can see it was worth the wait:

The last of my unemployment/disability ended yesterday. Knowing this was coming, I have applied for 50-60 jobs in the last two months. I will admit there are many more jobs listed out there than back in Jan 2009, but there still seems to be some problem with ANYONE calling me to interview. I had a professional take a look at my resume, so that isn’t the problem. It may be there are just still too many of us unemployed people out there. So if you know anyone who is looking to hire the best and the brightest: send them my way. I am a buyer/planner, but also an office manager, administrative assistant and I can be anyone’s right-hand (wo)man!

I am still behind in blogging things, but working hard to post daily is catching me up. Dear Bear is getting quite impatient for her “annual” birthday post (June 27 was her day) and I have promised her I will get to that at least next week.
I hope no other San Diegans hate me for this: But my only true hope for the weekend end is that this record-breaking cold weather goes away and we get a little JULY SIZZLE going. I want to hit the beach!


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  1. Beautiful paint job!! I know several people who are in the same boat as you…looking, sending, sending, looking with no response….so frustrating. Hope something comes your way but in the meantime enjoy your extra time with Roly Poly and the rest of your grandkids :0) And…may the sizzle commence.

  2. My husband read an article just last week about how businesses are not interested in the unemployed…they want the ones who are currently working and they can afford to be picky since there are more people available than jobs. It sucks and it’s scary because my husband’s job isn’t the most secure.

    Nice paint job on the Camaro…did he love it?

    Oh and if I could, I’d send you our heat…it’s been in the 90s here!

  3. Love the car!!!! Great Fathers Day present.
    As for the job search, I’ve been told that if you are doing job applications on line, nd they say who the company is, to call the company and ask to speak to the HR person to get a better fax number. I am finding out when I apply on line, it goes through an automated system and then the computer decides if it goes on or not.
    Best of luck and hugs to you.

  4. LOVE the new blog design, the new paint job on the car. Hate the heat. UNlike that nobody has called you about a job.

  5. i like the look of your new blog Vixen, looks very dynamic and happy. I understand about the job situation right now, my SIL also had been out of job for more than a year now, she had difficulty also finding a new one 🙁 hope you will find soon the right one for you.

  6. The car looks great.I just love your theme. As for the weather! We have a heat wave over here. Over ninety past six days. Two record breakers 100 and 102. I’ll see if I can send some your way.
    Have a good day and weekend.

  7. Maybe we should all go to China and get back all those jobs? Cuz that’s where the politicians sent them… 🙁

    Nice paint job. 🙂 Have fun babysitting!

  8. Your blog looks great, and so does the car. I hope the job situation clears up for you.

  9. Bitchin’ Camaro. I mean, for real. Geez, why didn’t i buy a Camaro instead of a mini-van, why? (you know i’m still wanting the ’64 Impala, above all else.)

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