The Future Of My Bedroom Depends On Your Vote

When I entered CSN Stores Big Bad Bedroom Breakup for a chance at a $10,000 makeover, I  didn’t have high hopes of winning. I never win anything. Imagine my surprise when I received notification that out of 6,100 entries mine was chosen as one of the 200+ finalists competing for the semi finals! I submitted my pictures and made it here to the finals! There are only 86 of us and the contestant with the most votes will automatically be placed in the Top 5 Contendors, but the winner of the $10,000 bedroom make-over will be chosen by celebrity designer Michael Payne and the CSN Room Rescue Crew.

So I need your VOTE. Please go here and scroll over pictures to Vickie in Escondido (approx 3rd pic) then click on picture and to vote click five stars (if you are on Facebook. You may have to click on the Contest Voting tab to get to the voting) or go VOTE here for -Vickie in Escondido (approx 3rd pic) (if you don’t use Facebook). This would be a dream come true for me and I truly appreciate each and every vote. Voting is open until September 10th, so tell everyone you know!

Here is my submission and my pic:

My bedroom is other peoples’ leftovers and throwaways. After 28 years of marriage, my husband and I hit a rough spot a few years ago when he became disabled, but has been unable to receive his benefits (still waiting 3yrs later). I was the sole provider, until the economy stole my job last year. Since then, we’ve been evicted and gave away most of our stuff. Now we are stable again, but have no money to style our bedroom. Due to all of this bad stuff, our time in the bedroom has been spent for sleep alone. I miss our close time, I miss cuddling and feeling at peace and comfortable in our room: our space.

Big Bad Bedroom combo Vote

See how badly I need to win? I don’t even have a dresser! I just move my folded laundry from place to place, depending on the time of day.

You can make a difference just by voting. And telling your friends and family to vote! Imagine getting to watch my bedroom be decorated by a celebrity designer!

I wanna breakup with my bedroom! Help!


Daydreaming At Night


A Pony Named Hurry


  1. I voted for you!

  2. Della

    I gave you five stars! Here’s hoping!

  3. I think I voted right…The second link didn’t give me a vote option.
    Hope you win!!

  4. I voted for you! Girl, when have you ever seen me quit just cuz things are hard? I will be a great nurse I just need to work on my speed and familiarity.


  5. oh my love, though my bedroom is worst than yours, I totally voted for you!!!!!

    You deserve this and SO MUCH MORE, with all you have been through, and how you still are as loving as a 15 yr old girl 😉

    I love you mama!!!!!!

    when is the voting end?

  6. Voted with 5 Stars and retweeted this post.

  7. I voted and will be twittering it and writing about it on my blogs. Good Luck!Karen

  8. I think I voted. I tried to click on 5 stars. I didn’t tell me I was successful but it wont let me vote again. Good luck! I hope you win.

  9. I hope you win!
    keep up the good work.

  10. I hope I voted right, Vixen, I followed your procedure, but at the very end, it did not let me enter rating when I clicked rate this. It won’t let me vote anymore, but I hope I was counted for 5 stars. Good luck Vixen, and more power.

  11. Sue

    Voted! Good luck! That is awesome you are in the running for this. Hope you get it.

  12. I love that Quilt!I cam for a visit from Grandy’s site.I hope that you are having a great week!

  13. DJ

    Voted! good luck!

  14. Hope you win…. I voted (tried to vote more than once lol wouldn’t let me). Love all the photos on the walls 🙂

  15. I’m a lil late…but I still voted. 😉

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