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weeklywinnersmarch2010August 1-7, 2010

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(shot with my Canon Rebel XS)

Panda’s are just so loveable

IMG_0385And deserve big smiles


Especially if it’s their 3rd birthday


Sometimes a nap is so good, it must be memorialized in pictures


I love a man who loves babies. Guess that’s why I’ve kept him around all these years!



My Candle In The Night


It Is All Worth It


  1. Fantastic pictures! 🙂

  2. Great Pictures. He is just like me.

  3. Mar

    I wanna smooch on that baby!!!

  4. The two zoo shots of the panda are great. Your children are adorable.

  5. your grandkids are so adorable, and the panda birthday shot is so cute!

  6. Great Pictures. I love the sleeping Angel.

  7. OMG all of these are fab 🙂

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