WW-Zoo Day


Calling All Homebodies


And to any new fans we made along the way, I say… welcome to our party. It’s just starting to get going.


  1. DJ

    What a terrific photo in front of the giant panda! I love how everyone is color coordinated.

  2. How freakin’ cute is that picture?(grinning)

  3. Run! There’s a bear behind you!
    Love that photo :0)

  4. Oh! I have heard that the San Diego zoo is wonderful. We have a nice zoo in Indianapolis and I have never been there. I need to change that. LOL You look wonderful in that picture.

  5. oh, love love your awesome family photo, hope you had wonderful time at the zoo, I was there Thursday, maybe next time I will tell you when I will be there just in case you were there too?

  6. I have heard that the San Diego Zoo is one of the most fantistic one’s around. I do love a good zoo. Great Picture.

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