Abused and Abandoned

This is Chloe. She is approximately? 4 weeks old. Fishboy found her in the street. Or rather she found him and claimed him. Starving, one eye swollen and filled with guck, anemic and exhausted she brushed against his leg while he was getting stuff out of his car. Mr. Vixen tells us he saw some children running up and down the street this morning throwing what appeared to be a small stuffed animal into the air. Now that he sees Chloe, he thinks that it was her they tossed around.

While it is true that I am allergic to cats, I can be around them some. But when I look into her little blue eyes and feel her bones through her skin, I know we will help her. And love her. Poor little thing. She is warm, clean, safe and we are trying some bottle feeding now. Sleep tight, sweet Chloe.


Shannon Marie Fava


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  1. Oh the dear sweet little thing! We had a wee one like that come to us after the floods here in ’08 ~ we had to take our animals to the shelter when the levee broke and up there was a baby kitten, just like that, which someone had rescued from the flood waters. Our Sunny had just had a litter and she took that baby as one of her own just like that. When we brought everyone home after it all, that little babe came home with us too and we named him ‘Lucky’

    Lucky is a big boy now and has a forever home with friends of ours.

    Goddess bless you, hon, and that dear wee babe. How so-called humans can wreak such evil on the helpless among us is beyond me.

  2. you and your family have such a good heart to take the little kitten, Vixen, poor thing, hope she gets better soon, showered with your love and care.

  3. If I throw my kids up in the air will you take them?
    will ya?

    that was such a great thing to do for the little ball of cuteness 😉

  4. Poor little baby! Thank you for helping her.

  5. That is the cutest kitten I have ever seen!

  6. I don’t even really like cats. But it still breaks my heart to see one treated like that. Why are people so mean? Good luck with taking care of the kitten.

  7. Oh my goodness, such a cute little thing. sadly the hubby is allergic also, but we’ve rescued our share too. sad to see when people and kids are mean to animals. Now we know she’ll be loved.

  8. So very sweet but would have me itching and wheezing and nose running in 30 seconds. You are a sift heart. It’s one of the things that make me love you!!! (Shhhh, I have a job…kinda)

  9. Marlee

    Sweet little kitty. I too am terribly allergic but would love to have a cat (except I do need to be able to breathe). Hope she is fat and fluffy soon!

  10. Oh Lord, they were tossing her around?!?!!?? Oh my heart… what horrible cruelty…

    God bless you for taking her in.

  11. You have to worry about the sanity of children who would do something like that to sweet little baby kitten. Thank you for saving the kitten! She’ll appreciate you for life!

  12. She is too adorable. My allergy-prone friend bathed her cat regularly to keep down the dander, and vacuumed all the time. Swore by it. She loved her big, fluffy orange kitty so much. If you get them used to baths when they’re tiny, they do all right with them.

  13. Those kids’ parents need to teach them better. That is awful. Lucky little kitty rubbed up against the right leg.

  14. How sweet she looks! It’s heartbreaking to think kids would be so cruel to another living thing, thank goodness this little one found you.

  15. ahhhhhhhh roger u should let them get more ripe hehehe u do have a pimple load going on your forhead nice lil poppers great find Halph Staph smooches hugs and audie bear loves

  16. Geez, that’s unbelievable. Kudos and such.


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