A full week has now passed since I started work. I am getting used to going to bed early and getting up early. The environment at work is an adjustment, as different backgrounds and personalities are observed. On the whole, it appears to be filled with very nice people. Mostly they are legacy company workers (pre-buyout by big company) who worked in these two small/mom and pop-type of companies trying to adjust to the big business world of their new parent company. (Which is a very big, successful company….just think of tractors, yellow-green and of deer.) I, on the other hand, already have been through this adjustment years ago, so I maybe I will be able to help them adjust quicker, although it has been my experience that some people can never overcome that kind of change.

At any rate, the parent company is awesome and hopefully in three months I will become a permanent employee and get some health insurance! One of the things they are gung-ho about is flexibility in scheduling and I am quite happy with that. It means we don’t have to cancel our planned visit to Great’s cabin and my dad’s house this week. No internet connection up at the cabin and we leave on Wednesday, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear from me…unless I get some stuff written between now and then and set it to post. The chances of that happening are pretty darn slim though.

I believe I will have a guest post this week and hopefully get up that contest worth $75 before I go, I just have to figure out what I want you to do to win (thinking.thinking.)

Happy Monday, everyone. I hope your life is starting an uphill climb like mine is!