A closed mouth catches no flies

I do think it is possible that the world has gone overboard in the “politically correct” department. Sometimes people get really carried away, HOWEVER, I also strongly believe in people closing their mouths and THINKING before they release the stupid thoughts in their minds.

 As my mother always said, “If you don’t have nothin’ nice to say, don’t say nothin’ at all.” If more people would heed this sage advise the world (at least mine) would be a happier place. One in which I would never have to know these things were said…..

 A parent at Ladybug’s elementary school (during a planning meeting for the school Harvest Festival with all the room mothers) said to NannyGoat:

                “Who is your child’s teacher?  What grade?”
                “Mrs. X, K and 1st combined”
                “Combined? I’ve never heard of such a thing at this school.”
                “It’s the Special Day class.”
                ”Oh! So the ‘special’ kids are coming to this event? How great that they can join all the regular kids.”

Nanny was also at the planning of a school cultural event. Each group had a different country and they had to have several booths of different arts/crafts/food etc. set up for that country. Nan’s group got Japan. One of the parents began their meeting by smugly informing everyone that she had arranged for a local restaurant to supply chop sticks and a fortune cookie for every student. One of the other parents (of Asian descent) said to that parent: “That is wonderful that you already did that. I think the chopsticks will be great and we can use those. But the fortune cookies are actually a Chinese tradition, not Japanese.” To which Ms. Smug actually replied: “China. Japan. Whatever. They are both Asian, right?”

 And lastly, while Nanny is arranging the teacher requested Halloween party (she is the room mother poor thing), she sends an email to each parent informing them the cost for each student (food and supplies aren’t free, you know). She receives an email back from one of the parents that states: “We do not celebrate Halloween, we celebrate All Saint’s Day. Therefore, I will not be contributing to this event. However, I will allow my son to attend the party, so he doesn’t feel left out from the rest of the class.”

 WHAT? You are going to allow your child to go eat and party with the kids while everyone else pays???

 It’s Monday. Had to get this off my chest…


Unconscious Mutterings #42


Feeling down? Saddle up.


  1. Some people are all sorts of special.

  2. That last one cracks me up! Some people have a lot of nerve.

  3. I’m a Christian who enjoys Halloween…mostly seeing so many of my neighbors at my door. I love to be generous with the candy I supply. I celebrate being a Saint every day. I don’t need to come up with an anti holiday. This is the exact sentiment that has tried to take away Christmas calling it Winter holiday. I’ve never felt kindly toward people who are willing to take and take and take. Pay your fair share. Oh and while we’re on the subject. I’m also not a fan of redistribution. I don’t think the government is Robin Hood. I’m not rich but I appreciate what many rich people have done with their money without the government interfering. Examples: The Getty Museum, The Getty Villa, Hearst Castle, Admundson Theater, I can go on and on….
    Sheesh…I feel better already!

  4. Mar

    Poor Nanny, I was a room mom for 8 years – I should have stopeed after about 8 days.

    I hear stupid shit everyday and unfortunately do have to keep my mouth closed if I would like to continue to have a job.

  5. I just can’t believe what comes out of some adults mouths. Do they even realize how rude and disrespectful they are being or were they just raised that way and see nothing wrong with it. And Im sorry Nany has to even deal with that. Some people, ugh!

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