Feeling down? Saddle up.

My derriere sore, my spirit soaring, self confidence growing, physically glowing and with a peaceful soul is how I ended my first lesson last night.

My trainer is a soft-spoken young man with southern charm, mixed with a bit of slave driver (and pretty darned handsome too). As he got to know me and my skills set, there were many laughs. At least, Bear was laughing. He worked me hard on a lovely rascal who is well trained in reining (for those of you who follow me on FB ironic isn’t it? Since I posted that video of Stacy Westfall the other day?). My experience in riding has been the lazy, well broken horses at rental places and my time with Rain. Riding a reining horse was AMAZING. I did tight turns, figure eight, spun in a circle and attempted to stop on a dime. I’ve never done any  of those things before, but I could easily become addicted to it.

Fun moments for Bear? When the trainer had me out trotting for a bit and then said, “Okay, now post” and I stopped and said “Do what?”. When Bear caught her breath from laughter she told him, “She doesn’t know how to post” and I said, “For heavens sake, not only can I not I post…I don’t even know what posting it is.” Then later, he said “Okay, now canter” and I squealed, “You want me to go faster?!” To which he replied, “Yes and take your hand off the saddle horn.” Ha ha. Go faster and not hang on?!?!?! And while I was doing figure eights he said, “Please don’t run me over again.” Totally not my fault, he was making me trot AND do figure 8s at the same time, not running him over while doing it? Not possible.

I did it all. I was able to post (not well most of the time, but I had a few moments), I went FAST, I twirled, I rejoiced. He asked what my goals were at the end of our session and I told him: To be able to ride as instructed without Bear giggling at me! And then maybe barrel racing. Hey, a girl can dream right?

Oh, and I might have accidentally ended up adopting another stray cat…..Okay, I did. I will introduce you to Luna this week!


A closed mouth catches no flies


WW~Eat, drink and be scary


  1. Well that sounds like fun! I have no idea what posting is either… And I seldom let go of the horn when riding. That’s the main reason I don’t know how the heck people ride those flaps of leather they call English saddles.

    Grats on your new kitty.

  2. Oh yeah. I’m so proud of you. You seem to be enjoying life in the best possible way. Go you!!!!!

  3. Wow, this is in every recpest what I needed to know.

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  6. Nei nå lurer jeg veldig?! Men bra du er fornøyd med ditt valg hva enn det er.Så fina bilder du hr forresten. :)Og bra mor tok Kira till veterinæren.God natt,Emma

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