Top Of My Gift List

I want one of these…..


Unconcious Mutterings #43


Slight Of Hand (errr, blog)


  1. You want a smile from Roly Poly? I can arrange that for you!

  2. Aww, what a sweetie pie, look at that smile. LOVE the black and white pic.

  3. Great picture of a beautiful child. But I am afraid Santa can’t bring you one.Or do you just want that pretty smile?

  4. Mar

    Me too 🙁

  5. What a cutie patooty!

  6. DJ

    As long as your asking, I’ll take one too 🙂 He is beautiful!

  7. What a cute little guy.

  8. omg so cute. love the teef. he’s all, All i want for Christmas… and already got his wish, haha.

  9. Oh my it doesn’t get any more adorable than this!!

  10. Cutest and BEST present ever!!!

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