Unconcious Mutterings #44

  1. Carwash :: Now I have that song stuck in my head…Working at the carwash, yeah”
  2. Intuition :: A mother’s
  3. Desperate :: times call for desperate measures
  4. Tears :: for Fears
  5. Purple :: Heart
  6. Storage :: shed
  7. Duct :: tape
  8. System :: failure
  9. Cabinet :: china
  10. Manager :: fast food


If you can’t feed a hundred people, then just feed one


Best Face Forward 2010 (with voting to come!)


  1. Stopping by from Unconscious Mutterings. Great answers!!!!

  2. When I see the word cabinet I think politics. LOL. Hugs!!

  3. Your post about feeding one person, brought tears to my eyes. You are a good writer, you have the power toemotionally connect to people.

  4. i love your responses, especially for intuition, happy New Year Vixen.

  5. Never seen a meme like this before. Neat.

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