Unconcious Mutterings #45

Time to clear my mind and mutter. Click on the logo above and you can play too.

  1. Speech :: Free
  2. Meredith :: Baxter-Birney
  3. Consensus :: Agreement
  4. Attack :: Kitty ankle
  5. Sue :: A Boy Named
  6. Voted :: Election
  7. Epic :: Fail
  8. Checking in :: or out
  9. Dishwasher :: WANT ONE
  10. Underneath :: the deep blue sea


Fantastic Friday


I Heart Faces ~ Weekly Challenge ‘Smile’


  1. This is very fun. I can only guess at what a “Kitty ankle attack” is! 🙂

  2. This is fun. Your associations intrigue me. I have to try this game again.

    Happy New Year!

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