Saving the planet, one less stinky sock at a time

A few months ago, someone knocked on my door. (Not always a good thing around here.) She was from our local utility provider. Turns out based on where we live, we automatically qualified for a program they have:

Customers who qualify receive personal visits from contractors who can help you do the following things for your home:

  • Install improvements to help make your home more energy efficient.
  • Help you understand the best ways you can save energy around your home.
  • Determine whether some of your appliances are eligible for free repairs or replacement.
Examples of Free Home Improvements
  • Attic Insulation
  • Door weatherstripping and caulking
  • Low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators
  • Water heater blankets
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Select energy-efficient appliances

I was pretty stoked. After several visits from several different contractors, we found that we have adequate attic insulation, that our water heater is mounted too close to the wall for a heater blanket, and that we couldn’t get energy efficient weather stripping because our house is too small and we wouldn’t have enough ventilation. All they could do for us was exchange all our light bulbs for energy efficient ones and give us a free lamp. Which isn’t bad at all for free. But I had to admit, I was a little discouraged. Then the appliance guy arrived. Our fridge and dryer are only three years old, as we had to get them when we moved into this house. My washer, however, was ancient when I purchased it from the classifieds. The last time I purchased a new washer? The year I was married. That’s right, 1982. After that we only got a new (to us) washer when ours died and we bought whatever someone else was getting rid of. Ours was not at all energy efficient. What I did not realize was how dirty my ‘clean’ laundry was. I probably would have died an old lady who never knew what clean, fragrant laundry really was if it wasn’t for this program. But now there is no going back.

Hip, hip hooray that I am helping the planet. The real joy is the look, feel, and smell of my clean laundry. It actually makes me want to do laundry. Now that? Is an amazing machine. Behold the clean machine:

IMG_5827  Is that awesome or what?

My suggestion to all of you? Go to your utility company’s home page. Find out if they have a program like this. Immediately sign up! What have you got to lose? And look what you might gain!


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  1. Mar

    I love all these good things keep happening for you. My grandma has you beat though – she still has the washer and dryer they bought the summer I was born. That was a wee bit before your 1982 :). They are a lovely avocado green and obviously built like a mac truck.

  2. Girl, I did not need more encouragement to lust after a new washer! Fresh laundry you say? I’m in!

    Price tag is huge you say, back to the washboard, or the 1990’s equivalent, my top loader. Boo!

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