March Into April

Prompt 163: Reciprocate

Time scampering past
Days full of new adventures
Life adjusting, changing, a constant metamorphosis
My shell crumbling, giving and taking,
Emerging quickly into the light,
My heart and soul given freely
I now redeem my reward
A fair trading of struggle bartered and in return
A collection of memories inherited
Reaping what I’ve sown
Seeking peace, obtaining balance
Give me a moment, I’ll give you a lifetime
Or perhaps,
I just ride off into the sunset


A Change of Sails


Renegades is a better word. It implies a spirit of adventure.


  1. as always, eloquent words and deep in thoughts Vixen.
    betchai recently posted..Day 1 of Spring Break Get Away- San Diego Backroads to Las Vegas

  2. Thoughtful and though-provoking!
    Teri C recently posted..“Reciprocate Mandala”

  3. I like the hint of uncertainty at the end. The idea of how we impact the lives of others, and how a life is layered bit by bit like a collage, is one that hit me strongly.
    Stretching My Imagination recently posted..Reciprocate- One Single Impression

  4. very well done
    dthaase recently posted..haiku XLIII 11

  5. Beautiful poem and I just endure the sunrise.
    Write Girl recently posted..Reciprocate OSI

  6. I enjoyed reading this poem…. and riding in to a a lovely feeling..for then one can arise a new with the rising Sun… hope you will reciprocate the visit..
    Ramesh Sood recently posted..Haiku for Jingles Poetry Potluck

  7. This encouraged me to read and reread. I like the flow and the ambiguity as well.
    Kim Nelson recently posted..Goddess Creates

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