Am I The Only One Highly Amused by Craigslist Responses?

I posted an ad on craigslist for the saddle that didn’t fit Calypso, the following is real. At least I really received these texts, who knows if the buyer is serious….

Buyer: u want 100 for u saddle

Me: Yes, if you can come tonight I will take $100

B: well i tex u from tecate baja california but my job is located in lakeside

M: Well if you want to call me when you are in Lakeside tomorrow and see if it is still available you can do that

B: ok i be in the yard 3 20 pm 8834 winter gardens blvd lakeside ca 92040 u need to be there 3 20 to 3 30 thank u

M: I don’t deliver, especially not for the cheap price of $100. If you can come pick it up give me a call and I will give directions. I am in esco about 25 miles from Lakeside I think

B: So when i see u if you want make deal

(I did not respond to this last message as I was still laughing about the “be here at 3 20” remark. And I didn’t think I would be “see”ing him any time soon. But about 20 minutes later I got this next message)

B: I dont have car but give ur address and let me ask my frend if hi take me to pick up the saddle

M: Okay but I won’t go lower than $100, so if you get a ride it is cash only. Text me if you get a ride and I will give you the address then.

B: ok  o course cash

We shall see if he/she calls tomorrow…I may not be laughing all the way to the bank, but I am laughing. (and I haven’t given him/her my address yet…I got creeped out and Mr. Vixen said just wait to see if they call back)


Better than Mother’s Day? Grandchildren on Mother’s Day.


They was a-splishin’ and a-splashin’


  1. Umm wow…

    Can’t he just ride his horse there. 😉

  2. Holly

    He can’t ride his horse, he doesn’t have a saddle. Baja to Escondido bareback would make for an awfully painful ride!

  3. Mar

    I’ve only done craigslist once. The people calling at 3:00am to see if we still had the dishwasher available were enough for me. Hubs on the other hand uses it all the time, especially for work.

  4. Craigslist seems to be full of teh stupidz lately. Good luck.
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