That Inevitable Post (about BlogHer ’11)

There is nothing better for the soul than hanging out with 3,000 fellow bloggers who love you unconditionally for who you really are. And then there is BlogHer.

(Sarcasm, people. It’s sarcasm!)

I am sure those of you who did not attend really don’t care to hear about my BlogHer experience. And those who did attend probably took away something different than I did. In the end, I am going to write this recap because I want to. (see how empowered BlogHer left me?) This is something I want to remember forever! (it seems your memory is the first thing to go….)

BlogHer 2011 – My Thoughts in Bullets….(it was a suggested way to post in one of the sessions I attended-I am applying what I learn).

Special thanks to the lovely, kind, sweet and FUN Mo for taking me under her wing and showing me the ropes!!!

  • Day 1: People watching. What do I expect when I say “I just wanted to say Hi” to a complete stranger? (maybe more than an uncomfortable glance and a tepid dismissal) Also inches (!) from Ree, The Pioneer Woman (but didn’t say Hi, because well…see previous sentence)
  • Day 1: Expo – wow free stuff and food. Really nice people, gives you a sense of power to know people value our opinions
  • Day 1: People’s Party – Food was yummy, puppies are cute, party seemed listless and I couldn’t get The Blogess’ attention (I tried waving and multiple texts, but she was being hogged by another famous blogger); however, on my way out I hugged Loralee (J’adore her, best thing ever!!!)
  • Day 1: Clever Girl’s Party – real life faces/hugs to go with twitter handles (I love you @AmazingGreis) , fun sponsers, champagne, dance off, great time and my first run-in with the GORGEOUS Dre.
  • Day 1: Summary: Don’t carry bags, get a room
  • Day 2: Working at registration you get to meet all kinds of people! (whether they want to meet you or not-it’s kind of like they are hostages) Including theBHJ!
  • Day 2: Session on cyberbullying. Okay, truth, I went to meet Queen of Spain. I did not raise my hand when asked if I was bullied, because I haven’t been. Still it was interesting and at lunch I met a new person who missed the session and was able to share info that may help her.
  • Day 2: Lunch: Operation Glory. Cross “being in a flashmob” off my list of things to do! See video HERE, I can’t see me but my husband did so I must have not dreamed it
  • Day 2: Session: essential blog content development. Didn’t get to stay for the double session, but got some great ideas.
  • Day 2: Session: Old-school bloggers – MY #1 OBJECTIVE while attending BlogHer was to meet Busymom in person! Goal accomplished with bonus of meeting my #2 idol Mommy Needs Coffee! Also LIZ! Oh. and the session was GREAT.
  • Day 2: Voices of the Year. Amazing. Many tears and laughs. Please go read ALL the posts. They are amazing.
  • Day 2: Summary: Exhausted went home early and missed all the parties, sad little old lady that I am.
  • Day 3: Morning volunteering again
  • Day 3: Session: The Unexpected Viral Explosion- loved this session too. And later at the parties I ran into Nerdy Apple Bottom many times and she is THE awesome.
  • Day 3: Lunch, more expo, upstairs sponsors- Hallmark had a wonderful place to recharge and write cards (which they mailed!) to loved ones.
  • Day 3: Session: Unplug, Unfriend, Unfollow, Unwind with Gwen Bell – relaxing
  • Apparently I had some kind of our of body experience at this point because there were TWO sessions I really wanted to attend at this time and I don’t recall going to either one!!!! Where was I? Did anyone see me? Was I wandering the hall? Napping in the hall? I don’t remember!!!
  • Day 3: Too much time to kill until parties, a wee bit jealous of all the events everyone else was at….when I was saved by a tweet from @CountessMo and promptly volunteered to help Miss Britt setup at Aiming Low party setup and met some wonderful people (Anissa and Robinwho obviously knows her shit because SHE wrote that sticker up there about ME and I am effing ahhsome)
  • Day 3: Decided to eat dinner alone, when in walks the Ashleigh Burrows and her daughter. I invite them to join me. Turned into the most fascinating, stimulating and touching two hours of the entire conference my entire life. (remember people, just be brave. Some of the best things in life come from when you look at a stranger and say…”You can sit here and join me, if you’d like”
  • Day 3: Aiming Low Party – RAD!!!! I met all kinds of people I ‘knew’ but hadn’t ‘seen’. All wonderful people! Most exciting for me? I hugged Redneck Mommy. (I also stuck a sticker on her chest! She is just as f*cking fantastic in real life as she is online)
  • Day 3: The CheesburgHer Party was raucous and loud and hoppin’. Fun times. Also cheeseburgers. And fries. And hats.

 Now, TEN days later, I am still exhausted and barely able to function. I can’t wait to go again.

I know I left out some of the amazing things that happened. And PEOPLE that I met that are so freaking wonderful that I am going to slap myself for leaving them out of this post. BUT, I will put down more and post it here. And it all lives in my heart forever….


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  1. Kim

    Next year you and I are going to tear up some NYC! It was so fantastic FINALLY getting to hug your neck this year and I want you to teach me the “art of the stare”! Love you lady, and 2012 can’t get here fast enough!!

  2. I know awesome when I see it! So glad BlogHer was good for you! I’m still processing it all myself. And thanks again SO MUCH for your help!!

  3. Mo

    I’m so glad you went & so glad you had such a neat time! The only thing you left out above was the pictures we took at CheeseBurgHer, which were my faves. 🙂

  4. This is an awesome wrap up! (Even if I am in the #2 spot on your list of peeps. LOL) You are such a joy and I love how you approached BlogHer. YOUR attitude is what makes BlogHer awesome for so many. Seriously. Putting yourself out there to talk, meet and join other bloggers because you can is how great friendships start. I loved meeting you. You make me smile!!

  5. I love you too!

    Such a fun weekend. Looking forward to NYC already!

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