I do have garden updates! And Easter crafts! If only I could get them posted before they are irrelevant!

Sorry I am missing (again). Mr. Vixen was taken by ambulance to the hospital on Wednesday and remains there. He has diverticulitis and an abscess. They are trying to avoid surgical intervention; so they are treating with antibiotics and antifungals. It is very slow going and he is in a lot of pain. Also factor in the fact that he is a ‘man.’ He doesn’t sleep well unless I am sitting there next to him, sigh.

It turned out not to be SLUGS, but instead we believe it’s RATS. Which is worse. Before he got sick, Mr. Vixen made some rat protectors for the strawberries. You have to see these. They work great, except when the giant puppy from hell digs up the entire planter because her man left her alone. Heavy sigh.

I hope I can find somewhere to eat Easter dinner….I don’t have time to shop or cook and Mr. Vixen is NPO! He can’t even have water sips!

Everyone have a blessed Easter. And feel free to send your positive thoughts and prayers his way!