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    • Learning to Stand is….

      A hopeful story about woman who must overcome her past to move forward in the present.
      Exciting, heart pounding thriller with poignant, warm friendships.
      Filled with memorable characters you will remember like old friends
      The second in a thriller novel series

By Claudia Hall Christian

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From Claudia:

Are you sick of cookie cutter plots? Nasty people? Unrealistic  situations where the hero never fails? The entire Alex the Fey thriller  series is filled with interesting, dynamic characters that will steal  your heart and mind. The most common comment I hear from people who’ve  read The Fey is that they think about the characters in the shower. I  think that’s pretty cool.

The second book in The Fey series, Learning To Stand, is another great page turner by author Claudia Hall Christian. I so enjoyed the first in the series, The Fey, that when Claudia offered me a copy of Learning To Stand to review, I stood outside every day waiting for the mail to arrive I was so excited. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Alex is the kind of character you can’t help but cheer for, identify with and (for me at least) wish you could be. She’s strong and smart, but not perfect: a real person with a big heart. The story of The Fey, and Alex, is an exciting roller coaster ride that keeps you turning the pages. I read both of the books non-stop. Okay, I may have slept a little at night, but they really are that good. Besides the fascinating and twisting plot line, the characters are rich and thought provoking and I enjoyed getting to know them.

Claudia is an exceptional writer, which doesn’t surprise me at all, as she is also an exceptional person. I first met her through her blog On A Limb and she quickly became a dear friend. She is kind and supportive beyond words. When she started sharing her writing I was completely hooked and enthralled. Today I am sharing with you my opinions of her work, but also inviting you to get to know her via her blog and her writing. Also if you have any questions for her, please feel free to ask them in the comments as she will be dropping by to visit and answer.

I have personal copies of both these books in my library. As much as I love to share books, these ones are mine and mine alone! However, I really think you would all enjoy this series (and there is more to come), so I want to share a deal with you. Using  the code “BLOGTOUR” you can save 20% on all of Claudia’s books. You can click here Buy Nowto purchase The Fey or the button above to purchase Learning To Stand.  Claudia also has other titles available.

I am also offering you a chance to win a copy of Learning To Stand. Simply visit Claudia’s blog, or Alex The Fey’s site, or the learn more link for Learning To Stand and leave a comment or question on this post. Winner will be randomly drawn from all comments left by midnight PST Sunday May 23rd.

Most of all, enjoy reading!

Based On The Book


Books and films both tell stories, but what we want from a book can be different from what we want from a movie. Is this true for you? If so, what’s the difference between a book and a movie?

For me, books are very different entertainment type than movies. Movies (to me) are usually for short term distraction, a little visual party for my brain. I have rarely found a movie made from a book (that I had read) which I enjoyed as much as the book. Books offer so much more exercise for my brain, as I create my own picture in my head of what the author is trying to convey. There is just so much more depth that can be achieve in a book. Now, that is not to say I am giving up my movie addiction anytime soon.

So how do you feel about books and movies?

Some places are like people: some shine and some don’t.

(Do you know what book/movie that quote is from?)

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