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Look Underneath The Breast, To The Heart

Being born into the female club, is an honor and joy, but can also be a burden. Sure we can have kids and men can’t, but we can also get certain cancers men can’t. So today I wanted to talk about breasts (not that men can’t get breast cancer, but I want to talk about breasts today). Even though it’s not October, we need to think about curing breast cancer Sometimes talking about breasts makes readers uncomfortable, but I can tell you having a biopsy is uncomfortable, getting a cancer diagnosis is uncomfortable and having a mastectomy is uncomfortable (I held my grandmother’s hand while she went through all of those things). So not only do I know of this discomfort personally, I also live life as if I am carrying a little a time bomb. All three of my last mammograms showed ‘something suspicious’. Every time, an ultrasound shows it is just the same watery, benign (annoying) cyst. But what about my mom, my aunts, my daughters? Genetically some of us are now at higher risk, it’s like living with a hidden stalker always wondering where or if it will rear its ugly head.

So I like to participate in things that raise awareness, and, more importantly, money for the cure. The cure is out there and we need to find it and tell cancer to get lost. So this year I am a participant in Bewb Fest 10. Lotus is donating *ALL* her BH Ad Revenue for July to Susan G. Komen for the CureĀ®. Which means the more page loads: the more MONEY. So not only I am participating but I am sending YOU THERE. Directly to the page! A lot of my online friends are my age and a little conservative and the sound of this may make you uncomfortable. But many of my readers are young and, shall we say, less inhibited. BE NOT AFRAID, all the photos in the contest are tasteful. So I ask that you go over and vote for your top three. (Why yes, there is a contest! And prizes. AND YES I WANT TO WIN!!). You can vote (FOR ME) as many times as you want (the more times you visit the page, the more revenue is raised and the more money is donated). Although the contestants are listed alphabetically, their photos are anonymous. BUT, I am going to give you some hints so you can vote for me! 1) My photo is probably considered the least racy/sexy of them all. 2) When you see my photo the color ORANGE will be prominent. 3) And lastly, you may be able to see the reins of a horse in my hands. Okay, enough hints. I think you should be able to figure it out. Head on over to Bewb Fest 10 have fun, vote, raise money and awareness!

Think Pink

Whenever I would hear that slogan, Think Pink, I was reminded of one of childhood idols: the Pink Panther. No cat was as sly or groovy as that cat. I am sure that is not what they were hoping for when the initiated the campaign, but I can’t stop myself. As cool as that cat was, this isn’t a post about him (although I couldn’t stop myself from sharing). As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At this point in my post I could hook you up with some awesome statistics or link you up to some informative and well done site, nothing wrong with that. Instead, I thought I would introduce you to another of my childhood idols: Great. Coming up with her super secret internet name was easy. She is and always has been Great, and that is what we all call her. She is one of the strongest, bravest, caring, faith-filled and most loving women on the face of the planet. She is a real fighter, my hero, my idol, and my everything. Mother of five, grandmother of six, great grandmother of eight, and great-great grandma to three. She is my grandmother and she is a survivor of breast cancer.

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