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Share A Square

I managed to complete my first two squares for the Share A Square project. Here is a picture:

Not much time either, first one last night took a 1/2 hour and this morning I whipped up the 2nd in about 20 minutes. Tonight NannyGoat is coming over to learn how to crochet!!! I have been trying to teach her since she was born, but she is easily distracted. These little squares are perfect for her so she can start to get a sense of accomplishment and kill time while she waits to pop out the jumping bean (only 11 weeks and counting).

Click the link and make some squares….share your love. If you can’t crochet, it’s easy to learn or ask a friend. If you know me I can show you how, or you can send me some yarn and I will make them for you!!!

Share! Now! Do it! I can teach you how if ya want!

  Shelly Kneupper Tucker is “searching for people with big hearts.”  Her goal is to build approximately 140 afghans out of donated granny squares for children with cancer and blood disorders at Camp Sanguinity. That means that she has to collect 6,720 granny squares from us to be able to gift each camper with their own blanket.

If you know how to crochet or are willing to learn how to crochet or know someone else who crochets or have a website and would like to advertise this worthy project, go check out Shelley’s pitch and instructions for participation in this worthy cause.

Thanks to Shmutzie for the buttons!

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