This post has nothing to do with groping per se, that was just to drag you in. I don’t have much time today because I am supposed to be finishing aprons for the holiday (which it looks like maybe I will just call them summer BBQ aprons, cuz there is no way I feel like I can finish.)

I wanted to post because I wanted to know if you hear of Groupon? I was actually very torn about telling you about it. Out of concern for you. Because I care. Groupon has these daily deals where you buy a “groupon” (like a coupon) for $X but you get $XX dollars worth of service. It is simply the most fantastic, wonderful, great (running out of positive words here…) thing on the face of the planet!!!!!!! If you have one in your are, get on their mailing list.

Now, you are saying to yourself why was Vixen so torn about telling us about this if it’s so good? Its’ because it is sooooooo good. It is entirely possible you will become addicted as I have. And I in no way want to become responsible for someone’s unfortunate addiction like mine. I mean I can’t stop spending money. The deals are too good.  Just tonight Bear, Funsize and I (yes we all bought one) are going to a spa to get massages and facials. That is just the BEGINNING. We purchased a $39 groupon that allows us $125 dollars worth of any services we want! We are going to have to go TWO TIMES to spend all its worth. And I only spent $39.

Then the other day, there was a groupon that cost me $20 for $50 towards a product from this place: A&I Books. I started looking through their products and I had a really great idea. See, Great only has dial up and so even when we send her pictures she can’t usually see them. IF she gets them to load and she wants to print them…well let’s just say the Vixen IT phone line lights up. And she doesn’t even have a photo printer, she just prints on a yucky color printer. But she wants to show off her great-great grandchildren something fierce. Also, she can’t travel since she so badly broke her leg and has never got to meet RolyPoly. So why shouldn’t I make her a big book?!?!? With pictures??!?!? Right? So I bought the groupon and just finished and ordered the book today.

DISCLAIMER: To the FTC and anyone else who care or cars not. I was not paid, enticed, lap danced or in any way compensated for writing about the places I linked to above. It is just that I am so happy about it and so excited I had to share with every one I know.

PS: Although if either Groupon or A&IBook wanna send me something or say thanks, I never look a gift horse in the mouth and I will always say you are very welcome to all thanks.