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Warning: the Internet may contain traces of nuts

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PhotoHunt 132: Family

My nutty family at the nut farm just before we found our perfect pumpkins. From left to right: Mr. Vixen, MacDougal, Funsize, Ladybug, Nannygoat and Lloyd.

Just How Did 22 Years Pass So Quickly?

This week’s theme/prompt is: HEADSRecipe
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My son has always loved camping. See:

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to go in several years. So when he told me all he wanted for his birthday present was to go camping, I knew I better get cooking! So today I share my Recipe for a MacDougal Birthday (his birthday is TODAY!)

(be sure to click on the pictures to embiggen so you can truly appreciate mine and Bear’s photographic talent):

Take some tents (poles ARE required, if you forget them you must go back home and fetch them)


Add a large dollop of family

Stir well with horseshoes

Sparingly sprinkle in some mountain climbing (careful-don’t overdo)Photobucket

Slowly add ice cold liquid until you get your desired consistency


Top with some relaxing and fireside comradery

This recipe has been tested and approved by the Birthday Boy MacDougal and his mother

About A Daddy

I know you think that when you were 13 I hated you. That is not true. I hated some of the things you did, but never you. Many years later, when you returned to our lives I told Mr. Vixen and MacD that “we forgave Nanny for the things she did because she was a child. He was a child too, so how can we not forgive him?” It worked and you became a part of our family. Things have not always been easy since then. However, you and my daughter have gifted me with two of the greatest joys in life. But you didn’t stop there. You became a wonderful Dad and I am so proud of the father you are to my grandbabies. You are loving and caring. You keep them safe and happy. You are helping them to become two of the most fantastic little beings on the face of the planet. Any one can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy. Happy Father’s Day, Lloyd.IMG_0070




Wordless Wednesday – Fruit Of My Loins Special – View One Get Two Free!

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