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Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true


Speaking Up (Or) Will I Regret This?

Remember when MTV (the Music Television station) was about music and videos? Ah, the good old days.

When the SDMomfia posted about a new show called Skins, to be honest my first thoughts were I have no idea what they are talking about, jeez am I out of touch about censorship and freedom of speech. Fishboy says I am a bleeding-heart-liberal-conservative-freedom-of-speech-save-the-whales-save-the-planet-make-love-not-war-affordable/accessible-healthcare- for-all-pro-choice-anti-gun control-hippie. An enigma wrapped in an enigma. To each his own, is it really my place to say something?

I checked out the website for the show and I found that I do have opinions and I can’t keep my fingers silent. I begin with the disclaimer that I am not a parenting expert. I don’t know what is best for everyone or for society. I haven’t studied sociology. I have no doctorates or areas of expertise. I am just a mom who raised three so far successful, well adjusted humans from infancy to adulthood and lived to tell about it. I have also survived nearly half a century in this society, and during that time I’ve made some observations and learned a few things too.

The show is obviously catering to the 13-17 crowd, not the 21-30 crowd. Allowing children to watch children (or actors who appear to be children) behave in such a manner is sure to influence some kids. It is a fact of life. Even the parents who are convinced they raised their children well, those who are positive their kid knows right from wrong has to consider this fact. Would you allow your smart, responsible 15-year-old to hang out at a frat keg party because you know Johnny understands the dangers of underage drinking and he just thinks the guys are funny? Do you allow 17-year-old Jane to spend evenings at teenage swinging sex party because she made a pact with you to remain a virgin until she married and she thinks it’s ‘interesting’ to watch? Does your 13-year-old get to hang out with foul-mouthed  drug users because you are confident you instilled good judgment in them and your kid “likes” them?

Kids are impressionable. In fact, who isn’t? Don’t I watch HGTV and think to myself I could remodel my bathroom and lay tile without any experience? That I have seen enough Bear Grylls to survive being stranded in the outback with only a backpack and some dental floss? That my CSI skills (if I had the proper equipment) would put local law enforcement to shame? TV makes an impression. And young minds (even smart, intelligent, well-behaved young minds with dutiful parents) are even more impressionable.

My problem is accessibility. Unlike a rated movie where I can determine, as a parent, if my child is mature enough to view, MTV is something parents are not always able to control access to. Especially working moms (I am a full time working mom and have been since 1984). Maybe I believe, as a successful parent, that my kids would not have been influenced by such a show, but let’s be realistic. Can I say that about every single teen in America? Am I positive, even now, that they wouldn’t have been?

I don’t believe in censorship. I do believe in moral ethics and responsibility. I am not naive and I know that many corporations put moral ethics and responsibility far below the almighty dollar.  If the almighty dollar is what drives them, let us use our voices and our personal power to deny them what they desire.

What to do? Let’s put on our moral ethic and responsibility (or even just our common sense) armor and wade into the muck. Let’s use our influence as parents, as citizens, as responsible individuals and as consumers. Let us all band together and boycott MTV. Let us show our children they have power, explain to them why this can work and why we are doing it.

Don’t watch the show. Don’t watch MTV. Share with your friends, neighbors, other parents, and your children why it is important and enlist their aid. Let advertisers know we aren’t going to see any of their ads on MTV. Tell your cable company you want the channel removed from your line up. Show the world that yes, we have freedom of choice and we choose not to let this show leave an impression on our youth.

And when we are successful, I’ll have you all over for a gourmet meal, the likes of which you’ve never tasted. I am not a good cook chef, but I just know those hours of watching the Food Network will make up for it.

(You can see other’s thoughts on this here and share links to your post. If you tweet this out or write about it, use the hashtag #SkinThis. )

The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens

A great thing about blogging, is meeting new people with special talents. My friend, Anna is a very talented bead artist. Before I started my blog, I had no idea people made such beautiful things with beads. Over the past few years I have known her she has made some really great pieces. One in particular, green and gold, made my heart sing and was exquisite. Unfortunately, it sold before I became re-employed.

My patience paid off and the other evening she posted yet another piece that really spoke to me. I bought it on the spot! See how beautiful it is??? If you need a unique and beautiful gift, I would tell you to head on over to her shop on etsy here or artfire here. Or maybe, like me, you want to treat yourself to a little something special. You deserve it!

As she has planted, so does she harvest; such is the field of karma.

I can’t remember how Marsha and I hooked up online, but her first act of kindness came when she sent me a message and asked me to review a product she had received, just because. She is a very kind person and asked nothing in return. (This is my guest post/review from back in April, in case you missed it. )The extra added bonus to meeting her? Finding her site Lovin’ Life on Less!

She does all the legwork for me and shares all her finds! Lately I’ve really scored big from visiting her site. My little video camera that Bear gave for Christmas went missing over Memorial weekend. We have searched and searched, but can’t find it anywhere. Now that RolyPoly is getting so big, I was really starting to miss my video. One day I was checking out her site and she shared this link for a Flip Ultra! It was one day only and I never would have seen it-I wasn’t really looking for them because I thought there were too expensive. I ordered it and it arrived on Saturday. It is so easy, fun and light. I love it. I would never have been able to afford it, if not for Marsha sharing that link.

In only 23 days, Ladybug starts KINDERGARTEN! I can’t believe our little miracle baby is a big school girl now. Of course, there was a list sent out of the supplies she’d need. Once again, Marsha came through with this great link comparing back to school deals! So now I can help Nanny and Ladybug out, while saving money.

Marsha doesn’t even know I am writing this post about her, I just wanted to share all her deals with you! So if you want to save money, head on over and visit her site and start Lovin’ Life On Less!

The Future Of My Bedroom Depends On Your Vote

When I entered CSN Stores Big Bad Bedroom Breakup for a chance at a $10,000 makeover, I  didn’t have high hopes of winning. I never win anything. Imagine my surprise when I received notification that out of 6,100 entries mine was chosen as one of the 200+ finalists competing for the semi finals! I submitted my pictures and made it here to the finals! There are only 86 of us and the contestant with the most votes will automatically be placed in the Top 5 Contendors, but the winner of the $10,000 bedroom make-over will be chosen by celebrity designer Michael Payne and the CSN Room Rescue Crew.

So I need your VOTE. Please go here and scroll over pictures to Vickie in Escondido (approx 3rd pic) then click on picture and to vote click five stars (if you are on Facebook. You may have to click on the Contest Voting tab to get to the voting) or go VOTE here for -Vickie in Escondido (approx 3rd pic) (if you don’t use Facebook). This would be a dream come true for me and I truly appreciate each and every vote. Voting is open until September 10th, so tell everyone you know!

Here is my submission and my pic:

My bedroom is other peoples’ leftovers and throwaways. After 28 years of marriage, my husband and I hit a rough spot a few years ago when he became disabled, but has been unable to receive his benefits (still waiting 3yrs later). I was the sole provider, until the economy stole my job last year. Since then, we’ve been evicted and gave away most of our stuff. Now we are stable again, but have no money to style our bedroom. Due to all of this bad stuff, our time in the bedroom has been spent for sleep alone. I miss our close time, I miss cuddling and feeling at peace and comfortable in our room: our space.

Big Bad Bedroom combo Vote

See how badly I need to win? I don’t even have a dresser! I just move my folded laundry from place to place, depending on the time of day.

You can make a difference just by voting. And telling your friends and family to vote! Imagine getting to watch my bedroom be decorated by a celebrity designer!

I wanna breakup with my bedroom! Help!

Blog Book Tour

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From Claudia:

Are you sick of cookie cutter plots? Nasty people? Unrealistic  situations where the hero never fails? The entire Alex the Fey thriller  series is filled with interesting, dynamic characters that will steal  your heart and mind. The most common comment I hear from people who’ve  read The Fey is that they think about the characters in the shower. I  think that’s pretty cool.

The second book in The Fey series, Learning To Stand, is another great page turner by author Claudia Hall Christian. I so enjoyed the first in the series, The Fey, that when Claudia offered me a copy of Learning To Stand to review, I stood outside every day waiting for the mail to arrive I was so excited. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Alex is the kind of character you can’t help but cheer for, identify with and (for me at least) wish you could be. She’s strong and smart, but not perfect: a real person with a big heart. The story of The Fey, and Alex, is an exciting roller coaster ride that keeps you turning the pages. I read both of the books non-stop. Okay, I may have slept a little at night, but they really are that good. Besides the fascinating and twisting plot line, the characters are rich and thought provoking and I enjoyed getting to know them.

Claudia is an exceptional writer, which doesn’t surprise me at all, as she is also an exceptional person. I first met her through her blog On A Limb and she quickly became a dear friend. She is kind and supportive beyond words. When she started sharing her writing I was completely hooked and enthralled. Today I am sharing with you my opinions of her work, but also inviting you to get to know her via her blog and her writing. Also if you have any questions for her, please feel free to ask them in the comments as she will be dropping by to visit and answer.

I have personal copies of both these books in my library. As much as I love to share books, these ones are mine and mine alone! However, I really think you would all enjoy this series (and there is more to come), so I want to share a deal with you. Using  the code “BLOGTOUR” you can save 20% on all of Claudia’s books. You can click here Buy Nowto purchase The Fey or the button above to purchase Learning To Stand.  Claudia also has other titles available.

I am also offering you a chance to win a copy of Learning To Stand. Simply visit Claudia’s blog, or Alex The Fey’s site, or the learn more link for Learning To Stand and leave a comment or question on this post. Winner will be randomly drawn from all comments left by midnight PST Sunday May 23rd.

Most of all, enjoy reading!

In Which My Doctor Yells At Me

Back when my insurance ended in February 09, I made sure I had a 3-month Rx of my diabetes meds filled to hold me over until I got a job. Then I didn’t get a job. In July, when I had my surgery my sugars were pretty high and they had to give me insulin twice, but once the pain calmed down and I had my meds I was okay. Since the surgery was so costly, I managed to meet my ridiculously high MediCal share of cost that month and had another 3-month supply filled. That ran out in mid October. I still thought I would get better and get a job. Neither of those things happened. I still don’t have a job and I am still on disability. The holidays and life distracted me. I started feeling worse and worse. But I didn’t talk about it. I was too ashamed. I didn’t want to share here, because I just knew that I would get yelled at. By my mom, my kids and probably by you. My doctor’s office called and said I needed to have an HbA1c done before she would prescribe anymore meds. I didn’t hurry and get it done for two reasons 1) It’s an expensive test and 2)I didn’t have the money to fill the Rx anyway. That’s what I told myself. And the not talking about it to anyone helped because I could put it out of the front of my mind and ignore it.

Then I got two candidas infections in a three week period. I knew what the connection was. High blood sugar. Heck, I hadn’t had one of those infections in 20 years and now I’d had two. I started listening a bit (in the back of my mind) to my body. Noticed how fatigued I was constantly, how many dull headaches I was having. How much time I spent running to the bathroom. Seriously, I think I pee as much as all the people who attended Woodstock combined in one day. I dug out my glucose monitor, but the battery was dead.

Then a few weeks ago at CVS, an employee was handing out information on their new minute clinic. Turns out the clinic does low cost HbA1c testing. I didn’t go right away, because I thought you had to be fasting to have it done and every time I remembered I had already eaten (lame excuses run rampant throughout this post, beware).  Besides, I’d gone without medication before in my life and it always turned out okay. I’d get around to it when things weren’t so busy.

Yesterday, I got up and it was like I’d hit a wall. I had nothing left in me. I took my vaginally itching, exhausted, 10 pound lighter self down to the Minute Clinic. Turns out you don’t have to be fasting anymore for the test, so I could have had it anytime. However, the nurse informed me that if I waited until the next day Bayer was sponsoring a new program in which the testing was FREE. Of course, I could wait one day, right? So I went home. I bought a battery for my monitor. I was going to get things straight now, I was sure. The nurse called a few minutes later to tell me that she had the date wrong and the free program didn’t start until Sunday. No problem, I’d go then.

I tested my blood sugar…..311. Fasting. HOLY SHIT, I thought. I checked the memory. Highest I’d had was back in September at 212. Wow, good thing I am getting this taken care of. I called the pharmacy to see what my last meds and dosages to have the information ready. They thought I wanted a refill and contacted the doctor’s office. The office called me. The doc wouldn’t give me refills unless I came to see her, since it had been over a year. They offered me a special cash discount and could see me the very next morning. Okay, I guess that would be best, but I thought she needed the HbA1c results first? No, she needed to see me first. Okay. (It really is amazing how wrong I had the entire thing since medical stuff is usually one of my more expert areas).

As the day progressed, I played a lot with my monitor because I just didn’t feel well. Later in the night, after a couple of pomegranate margaritas, I got a reading of “HI”. Concerned I got out the manual. A reading of high means that blood sugar is over 600. I nearly fainted. Then decided the machine was wrong. Did it again. Results: HI. My oh my, I thought. I was so scared I couldn’t even twitter about it. Those who know of my twitter addiction will understand how frightening that is (also twitter went down for an hour). I broke down and told my resident CNA and nursing student, Bear. She wanted to take me to the hospital. After much consultation with Doctor Google and verification checks from her that I was not severely dehydrated or in DKA, I convinced her it must be the damn margaritas. (I rarely, maybe once a year drink them). She grabbed the bottle and checked the sugar content and wow is there is some serious sugar in that stuff. She still wanted to at least call the hospital. I said let’s just keep checking my sugars to see if it was these sweet syrupy drinks. Sure enough, in 15 minutes I was registering again at 569, 1/2 an hour and down to 484, then 411. I was allowed to stay home for the night.

So today I went to my doctor. And she didn’t really yell at me. What she did was keep putting her hand on my shoulder and saying kindly, but very sternly, “I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me” and “I have samples for you of the expensive medication and when you run low, call me” and lastly “Don’t ever go off your meds again. I can help you, but only if you call me“. Sheesh, she was so damned sweet about it I cried. Broke down in tears. “I’m a hot mess”, I told her. She again told me she can’t help me if I don’t tell her. I told her about the “HI” readings and how freaked out I was and she confirmed it was that margarita mix, combined with the fact that I am working off a base in the 300’s. Not the place I should be starting the mornings off. She got me all set up with meds (for free) and a scrip for the other one that only cost me $10 for a 90-day supply. On Monday, I will take her the results of the HbA1c test and have a quick nurse visit to check my sugar level for free. We’ll see if my body goes back to its well-behaved self with the meds in 3-months and if not, we will discuss possible changes in meds or a change to insulin if necessary. I left after paying for the visit with a cash discount of 37% off and my promise I’ll be back in three months to follow up. Even I can afford that.

So here I am, sharing it all and hopefully on my way to recovery. I now know why I don’t have the energy to follow through on anything, most especially posting on my beloved blog. I was afraid I might let out my secret and you would all yell at me. But I was only hurting myself, because really you can’t help me if I don’t talk to you, right?

“Oh, you mean like a sleep-over?” “Yeah.” “Well, OK….but I get to be on top.”

I love it when a crazy conversation becomes a crazy idea and results in a really great time. What started as a twitter conversation amongst some San Diego area tweeters about how we were all sitting around in our pj’s while visiting on Twitter became some crazy talk of a real-live, grown up, sleep over. Then the lovely and talented Charity (@virtueIMC) took off running with the crazy idea and #JammyJam was born.

Hosted at the wonderful Porto Vista Hotel downtown, a whole bunch of ladies (no men or children allowed) were able to gather and spend a fun night out. Thanks to the lovely young ladies from Timeless Salon and Day Spa (especially Yesica who did a phenomenal job on my make up) and generous make-up donations from E.L.F. (we each received our own brush set to keep!) we were all able to get our hair and make up done. Make overs are a requirement of any successful sleep-over. Stills By Hill was there to hand AND give discounted photography packages. Passion Parties had their own room filled with goodies. Angie from Meltology was on hand (ha ha) giving hand treatments. Those heated glove treatments did wonders for my arthritis (amazing stuff,  wanna have home ‘spa’ party, with chocolate? feel free to contact her at

After arriving, we all put on our pajama’s, started visiting and getting to know each other. We hung out in the great room; watching movies (Dirty Dancing, Pretty In Pink, Sex In The City), painting nails, getting make overs, gossiping, and (I know you weren’t expecting this) imbibing of some beverages. The view out the glass wall from the great room of the city and the harbor were spectacular. The new friends I made: even better. A few of us (not naming names) partied on until 4am, before retiring to our very lovely suites.  The next morning we had a continental breakfast and interesting conversations about why we blog and marketing our blogs. This was seriously the best time I have had in years!

A big shout out to all the beautiful girls I got to spend time with : @virtueIMC, @stillsbyhill @sandiegoMomma @drsha @muffintinmom @picklesugarplum @jenboydsd @sanctuarymsg & @militaryfamof8. I can hardly wait for our next #JammyJam adventure this summer. Keep your eyes peeled and join us. Just look how much fun we had:





Fate chooses our relatives, we choose our friends

skywatch bannerimagePhotobucket

Covered the gamut
From thieves to job interviews
And dead sew machines
You, bandit, beware
Kismet and karma follow
Your fate has been sealed
I charmed at the job
My audience surely stunned
Hope they felt the same
Friends I’ve never met
Willing to go on a limb
So stitching I go
I’ve already learned
No one has a perfect life
But good friends come close

How was your week? And how will your weekend be?


I know this is a bit late, but I have had some distractions. It is still very heartfelt:

To all of you who donated money, said prayers, lit candles, sent positive thoughts, etc. thank you for your generosity. Your friendship, support and incredible kindness has been a tremendous blessing during these difficult times. Our gratitude for you is unending. Thank you.

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