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Originating Elsewhere

napowrimo2009_1 The challenge today is to find a passage of text, preferably from an out-of-print book, and turn it into a poem. This process is appropriately called a found poem.

All else was


For old Mrs. Earth was still fast asleep and like many pretty people

She looked still prettier asleep than awake

The great elm-trees in the gold-green meadows were fast asleep


and the cows fast asleep




-adapted from The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley (1917) found on GoogleBooks

Patience is the key to paradise


napowrimo #9: paradise



Where all you miss, you see

All you’ve lost, is found

All you need, is given

What you hate, no longer exists

No pain, no heartache, no doubt

Surrounded by love, engulfed in light

Cool or warm and stormy or clear

Where peace sought, is granted

Totem of Mine



Beetle of our Lady, manifestation of my ideas and thoughts

Delicate and loving nature, encased in black and red armor

Your brief visits remind me life is short, release my worry

Spreading wings, is it time to fly in life?

Metamorphosis and growth, let go

Restoring my faith and trust in sprits

Have I told you all enough time how wonderful and fantastic my Grandma (aka Great) is? Well, I am saying so again! That woman is amazing and having her in my life is the greatest gift. So what could she do to make it even better? I didn’t think there was anything she could do, but she managed anyway (amazing woman). As you all know, since Ladybug was born I have become known as Ladybug’s Grandma. My animal spirit, the Ladybug, visited me first when Ladybug was a baby in the hospital. She comes back to me often now and, in fact, came to Ladybug’s birthday party on Sunday to visit Funsize (bearing tidings from Collin I am sure). Yesterday I received a package from Great and inside were these wonderful salt and pepper shakers and a pie bird. They are hand painted with ladybugs! But it is also personalized. Isn’t this the coolest thing EVER?

April 7 2009 001

Here is Ladybug with a ladybug in my backyard last weekend.

2009 003

How A Hill Can Entertain All Day


Big hill, big hill

Called to play

Climb to the crest, end in the valley

Sideways and front ways

Flipping, rolling, flopping and tumbling

Race the balls, little round rockets

Ice block, ice block oh so sleek

How you slip and slide

Hurtling bodies with gusto

Giant rolling color wheel

Launched from the great heights

All did fly in delight



A Mother’s Listening


OSI Prompt 58: Listening



It begins with mewls

And little soft cries of distress

Followed by demands

And never ending questions

Finally only phone calls 



I am off to get ready for Ladybug’s big birthday bash at the park. It appeared the weather was going to cooperate when I woke up this morning: It was already 70 degrees. But the last few hours there has been some really strong winds. I hope they go away by party time! Enjoy your Palm Sunday, everyone. God bless.

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds ~Sam Adams



and liberty

Escape from tyranny

It was called the revolution



PhotoHunt ~ Stripes

DAR apron 009aThis is my latest, and probably most ambitious creation over at ApronFrenzy. I had a request for an apron for someone’s mom who is a member of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution. She asked for something “patriotic, ‘Williamsburg’ looking, and maybe embroidered.” When I went to the DAR page, I knew this material was perfect. Then I stretched the creative side of my brain, searched for colonial looking print and ended up free-handing the lettering then embroidering it. Do you think I caught the feel? If you want to see more or order your own custom apron, head on over to ApronFrenzy.

DAR apron 001a DAR apron 004a

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One Thousand, Four Hundred and Sixty Days

Image(037) Although I could only watch you through the window and they told me it was hopeless, I felt your power and your strength. You were everything to me. Beauty, love, hope. Despair, doubt, and denial surrounded you, but your heart was a shining beacon that called to me silently, pleading for faith. I handed everything to you those days. My life, my future, my faith, my belief in God. And I have been so rewarded. Although I never would want to return to those days during which you suffered and were in pain, I do long for that conviction again. That complete faith. That sense of hope.

Looking back now, it seems so far away. How can four years have passed? In those four years you have given us great gifts of everyday life and you have scared me worse than I have ever been scared before. One thousand, four hundred and sixty days that I could not have lived without you. One thousand, four hundred and sixty days you have taught me about life and death, hope and faith; and I am grateful for every single moment of each one, good and bad.


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I kissed your fingers and forehead

So relieved you had arrived that early April morning

Hugged your mommy and left her to rest

The ringing phone interrupted my dreams of you

The frightened voice crying on the other end saying something was wrong with you, come quick

I gazed at you through the window, now with tubes and wires instead of a little pink hat

Doctors rocking my foundation with words about strokes and massive brain damage

“You can let her go. Unhook and let her be. We will support you.” They intoned quietly.

You whispered in my heart, “I am here. I am love. Have faith in me and God.”

Eleven days of hell on earth, watching through the window. Never hearing good news.

“We will take her home. We believe.”

One thousand, four hundred and sixty days we’ve had now. Every one of them a gift I cherish.

Today we celebrate your fourth birthday. A miracle.

Almost Empty Nest = Full Garden

2009 008

My youngest graduates in June and turns 18 a mere 16 days later. I have been thinking a lot lately about not having kids anymore, only adults. I remember during some of their teenage years longing for this moment, yet now that it is nearly upon me I am feeling some sadness.

The SuperGarden is coming along nicely. At least the parts I have planted. I really need to get the rest in the ground. But the seedlings are doing well.

And the corn has come up. There was quite a bit of excitement when these were spotted. I may have been jumping up and down for joy or some such nonsense.

Although I can’t figure out why only the front rows are coming up and not the back.

2009 010









My garden, my new child

I nurture you like a babe

Tender caring, gentle feedings

Tucked in warm and tight at night

I share with you my joy of sun

And dampen you with delight

I celebrate your growth with glee

Looking forward with anticipation to what you shall become

National (Insanity) Poetry Month!

napowrimo2009_1Last year, I participated in NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month-a poem a day for 30 days) and felt such a great sense of accomplishment I wanted to do it again in 2009. Then April snuck up on me like the shifty little devil she is and BOOM! I almost missed the first day.

Today I met with my old boss and our former client. It seems they can’t live without me us. It is not permanent nor full-time, but I am going to be able to work part-time as an independent contractor for the next few months. And for that I am so extremely happy I can’t begin to even explain. I heard from them a few weeks ago, but it looked like it might fall through so I never shared. Tonight I set up my new, home-based, office. And that is when I noticed the date! So with short notice, no planning and LOST on in 12 minutes you get this crappy poem:

My new office is like a garage, large and airy. Wait, it is a garage.
My background music is metallic and swooshy, like a washer and dryer. Wait, it is a washer and dryer.
My new job is very much like my old job, but without the benefits. Wait, it is my old job.
A fresh new month with a fresh new start. Like sunrise after a long dark night.

Where For Art Thou, Poetry?

There was an old lady named Vix
Who tried to throw poetry into the mix
Thirty days she did write
Sometimes late into the night
Then she ended it all with this limericks

National Poetry Month is coming to an end, thus closing this chapter of my life known as NaPoWriMo. A poem a day for 30-days! It was fun. I appreciate all your support. I don’t think I will be able to part with my poetry crush very easily, so don’t be surprised if I continue to sometimes annoy beguile you with my poems.

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