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Strawberries and Sweaters and Slugs, OH NO

First Strawberry

I promised some picture of my wonderfully, successful strawberry adventures in the SuperGarden. I took these on Thursday. My pride and excitement at not one, but TWO 020 nearly ripe berries made me giddy.

The next morning I went out to discover the reddest, ripest of strawberries had a chunk missing out of it!! I was devastated (do I take this garden stuff too seriously you think?). I thought perhaps it was a bug…I went out in search of organic bug spray yesterday and coated my poor babies.

Flash forward to this morning…the other nearly ripe strawberry had a CHUNK missing. My friend Google immediately located similar pictures online and the suspected culprits? SLUGS. Eww. Or snails. I have seen neither, but guess where I am going now? That is right, to buy some organic slug/snail stuff (that is so a technical term). I must save the 022strawberries!!!

I ‘ve been home from work the past two days, hanging out with my niece and sister-in-law. They came from AZ to stay with us so Nannygoat could work her photographic magic with a senior picture session. My niece is an identical twin to Bear. It is amazing how much cousins can look alike. Please go check out the beautiful pictures Nannygoat took HERE.

Now you are probably wondering about the sweater part of the title? Well, if I can’t kill the slugs I was thinking of crocheting them little sweaters for our cool, damp mornings….

Kidding. I am making a super cute little sweater for Big Blue! I am nearly half way through, you can click this link and see my progress (and the pattern picture). I am thinking it may be completed before Easter, so I will post the pretty girl in her new sweater soon!! Also if you are on Ravelry, look me up –  crochetvixen.

Up tomorrow on the blog: SuperGarden fencing and planting!! Easter crafting!! Anything else I think of!!

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A picture is a poem without words

My daughter takes fantastic pictures. Sometimes I can take a good one also. What I really love to see is photography become art. I would love to wallpaper my living room with photos (wouldn’t that be cool?) or take a few favorites and blow them up as posters. When I was approached about a review for custom canvas prints I was really excited.

And then the problem began. The choosing of the photo. I agonized for days. Then weeks. I was pretty sure the lady had given up on me ever making up my mind. I love canvas and I had it set in my mind that the photo should be one with depth and texture to really stand out on canvas. I made my husband go through hundreds of photos with me, trying to choose. In the end, I saw a photo taken by Nannygoat on her facebook. I knew immediately it was perfect. It had everything I was looking for! Depth, texture, light, dark and (of course) Ladybug!

I had her send over the higher quality file and headed to the website to order. The site is very user-friendly. Just upload your photo, choose your border options, add any image & color effects if you want and voila, you are done. My canvas was in my hands in just a few short days. I chose a deep 1.5″ wrap with a mirror image border. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The prices are reasonable, the turnaround is quick and I love my canvas.

The hunt has begun again for more ‘canvas perfect’ photos, as I am going to have several done in a larger size to decorate my living room. Probably one each of the grandkids. Of course, I am hoping they are not all grown by the time I choose! I created a mosaic of my canvas below, but to really see it in all it’s glory you should click here to see individual photos.

I would highly recommend Easy Canvas Prints for all you canvas photo wants and needs.

(edited to add: I just saw this promotion they are running, what a great deal! “Like on Facebook to receive the offer of 50% off all products and free shipping. The offer will be automatically applied to your cart when you are redirected to from Facebook. This promotional offer cannot be combined with any other discount offers.

I received a this free canvas print in return for reviewing their site. All opinions are mine.

A bad day of fishing is better than a good day of work

Pretty Girl

SOOC Sunday

My straight out of the camera shot this week is WhatAboutMe? at the ranch this morning before her ride. I know as a grandparent I could be biased, but she is so adorable.

WW~My Garden Is So Confused. Is It Spring?

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Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless

More SOOC Sunday AND Scenic Sunday AND Unconscious Mutterings

This Straight Out Of the Camera shot is from our Valentine’s Day cruise. We were out in open water and it was quite windy, so the boat was ‘a rockin’ and all my pics of the dolphins are blurry and most of the sunset are crooked. But it was beautiful and I didn’t fall over! (UM below the pic)

  1. Maroon :: Five
  2. Save :: the whales so I can see some on my next whale watching cruise
  3. Smithereens :: smashed
  4. Conversation :: stimulating
  5. Visual :: (ly) pleasing
  6. Experience :: life
  7. Steady :: as she goes
  8. Wives :: funny, strong and brilliant
  9. Glass :: half full
  10. String :: quartet

In a cat’s eye, all things belong to cats

Luna has taken over. Including the poor dog’s bed. Chewy does not look pleased.


WW ~ Stuck On You


Best Face Forward 2010 (with voting to come!)

It’s my best face, because it’s her best face….

There is no feeling like Grandmothering, it is just love completed. Voting begins tomorrow, get ready.

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