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Think Pink

Whenever I would hear that slogan, Think Pink, I was reminded of one of childhood idols: the Pink Panther. No cat was as sly or groovy as that cat. I am sure that is not what they were hoping for when the initiated the campaign, but I can’t stop myself. As cool as that cat was, this isn’t a post about him (although I couldn’t stop myself from sharing). As many of you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. At this point in my post I could hook you up with some awesome statistics or link you up to some informative and well done site, nothing wrong with that. Instead, I thought I would introduce you to another of my childhood idols: Great. Coming up with her super secret internet name was easy. She is and always has been Great, and that is what we all call her. She is one of the strongest, bravest, caring, faith-filled and most loving women on the face of the planet. She is a real fighter, my hero, my idol, and my everything. Mother of five, grandmother of six, great grandmother of eight, and great-great grandma to three. She is my grandmother and she is a survivor of breast cancer.

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I Am Insufferable, I know

From Jerichonet2 and Jericho The die hard fans are already hard at work trying to find the recently canceled drama find a new home. Here’s the tips they’re offering:

Please be polite in your letters/cards, and if you choose to call then be extra polite. The negative phone calls/letters are hurting the effort to secure a future for Jericho.

1. Send a note/letter to:
Ms. Carol Barbee
Executive Producer, Jericho
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604-2190
Be sure to include your encouragement to continue to look for a new home for Jericho.
If you wish you may also write to:
Jon Turteltaub, Producer/Director
Junction Entertainment
500 South Buena Vista St.
Animation Building
Burbank, CA 91521-1616
Karim Zreik, VP, Development
Junction Entertainment
(Same address as above)

2. The person to write to at CBS to ask them to shop Jericho to a different network is:
Nancy Tellem
CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group
4024 Radford Avenue
Studio City, CA 91604-2190
Note new address.

3. Write to the networks considering Jericho (Sci Fi and The CW).
Here’s an email address for the CW:
The CW Television Network
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522
CA Tel. 818-977-2500
Fax 818-954-7667
Info for letters to The CW
Sci Fi link takes you to the page which gives you e-mails for different types of feedback.
SCI FI Channel
21st Floor
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112
Info for letters to Sci Fi
Note: Although we were intially told Sci Fi isn’t interested, they apparently are.

4. Get on the Amazon notification list for the Season 2 DVD. This doesn’t mean you have to buy from Amazon. This is just a notification list, but it helps figure out how many people are still interested in Jericho.

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