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Instant Love

I got my husband a horse for Christmas (after 30 years together I thought we should share my obsession). Her name is Bonnie Blue (on the right). She can Calypso fell in love fast and hard….just like Mr. Vixen and I did.


Sweet Emotions

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PhotoHunt 114: Emotion(s)

My Self Portrait this week also fits the bill for Photo Hunt #114. Here I am in all my glorious blurriness (blame the photographer) with my son Sparkles on his birthday last Saturday. As you can see from the looks on our faces, love, admiration and joy are emotions we share together.



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Hello all. It is Saturday again. Which means I ran! This running three days a week thing would be just great if there were two more weekends in the middle of the week. I am doing week two again, because honestly I haven’t run since last Saturday. I am a failure like that. I get all hyped to do it and then I get distracted. Or I sleep in. When I do the routine I feel fantastic after. More energetic than I have ever felt. So I should do it more. I am going to work on that. For today’s self portrait you get to see my sweet new running shoes all up close and personal. For those of you tracking my side quest for tanner legs, you can see that is not going well either. I am pale woman, hear me roar.


I Don't know where I'm running now, I'm just running on

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PhotoHunt 112: Self
I get a two-fer this week with SPS and PH! In addition, I learned how to use the timer on my camera!!!!!!
As regular readers know, I started the Cool Running program: Couch to 5k. program some weeks ago. I did week one twice and then started week two, hurt my back, took a week off, and today started week two again. I am pretty sure my right tush-cheek fell of, but I made it. Then I died. Oh and check out my new running shoes!

A Fishy Excuse

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Sorry I am late again. You think with it being a three day weekend I would be out having fun! Alas, no. It is damp and rainy here so I finally got a bigger storage unit and moved my stuff from one to the other. I am only half way done, but had to quit due to back pain (shhhh, don’t tell me you told me so. Mr. Vixen already did that enough for all of you). I started this last night and should have posted it then.

I love salt water fish. I would very much learn to scuba dive. In the meantime, Fishboy was kind enough to create and maintain a superbly lovely salt water tank in my dining room. I can sit in a chair and stair the tank for hours. We have seven fish right now, who I have named: Nee, Mo, Chevy, Dory, Speedy, Chevy and Mr. Limpet. Also countless amounts of anemone, crabs, and coral.

Here is a shot of Speedy, Mo and my fingers in reflection (see I tied in the self portrait part!).


Here is Nee

IMG_7994a :

And here is Mr. Limpet:


99 is too hot, went here, nice 74

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Sorry I am late to play, but it was just too hot to stay home. I had to head to the coast with the kids and grandbabes to beat the heat!

Here I am


Such a dazzling coat of many colors

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PhotoHunt 109: Free Week

I am combining this weeks post because Nannygoat said rules are made to be broken, especially if they aren’t really rules they are just guidelines. Or something like that.

Does anyone remember the Share A Square Program? When I took on the supposedly simple task of joining together 48 squares of love and hope into one heartwarming afghan for kid’s with cancer attending CAMP SANGUINITY? I have promised to finish oh so many times on here haven’t I?


IMG_7529 IMG_7531

Now you are saying to yourself, how is this a Self Portrait? Well, let me tell you. This blanket is not just 48 strangers who cared enough and one crazy old lady who pieced it altogether. It is me. It is my work, sweat and tears. The day we were evacuated during the fires we had only minutes to get out. I prioritized: #1-Kids, #2-Dogs, #3-Afghan squares. Seriously. That was how I threw packed stuff into the van. Well, hubs too somewhere in there. The poor squares got a beat down traveling in my circus and before I could join them all together I had to remove each tag, wash away the smoke and ash from the fires and re-tag them. Then, you know, other life stuff got in the way. But it’s done now. And it is a mighty beautiful work of art we all created, isn’t it?


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Good morning, Vietnam blogosphere! It’s Saturday again and time to play Self Portrait Saturday brought to you by the lovely, talented, tired, new puppy mom Nannygoat.

Remember the other day when I asked you Why Run? Well, you convinced me. Keep in mind that the last time I ran was senior year of high school. And people, I graduated in 1980. It was some time ago. Determined, I got up this morning at 7:30am (yes, am) and started the Cool Running program: Couch to 5k. Now I mentioned to Allisone (she who started me on this torturous healthy path) that I didn’t think I could do the math counting involved in this plan and she was sweet enough to point me in the direction of some podcasts that do it for you. Those little things are fantastic. Music and encouragement. It is perfect.

Just in case you decide to try this yourself I want to give you a few hints:

  • When he says you are half way through your 5 minute warm-up walk, he means the warm-up walk. Not the whole workout. Try not to get too excited.
  • During your first 60 second run (there are 8 total) you may discover that there are muscles in your thighs. Who’d a thunk it?
  • When he says keep your breathing even and your arms loose, what he really means is: Keep breathing!!!
  • The fifth or sixth run you will discover there are muscles in your calves!?!?!
  • When he says this run might be a bit of a push, what he really means is: You need a wheelchair. And someone to push you.
  • When he says this is your last run and come on you can do it, what he really means is: Enjoy the next 60 seconds because they will be your last.
  • Bonus: Go to the bathroom before you start!!! Trust me on that one.

Actually, it went much better than I thought it would. I really feel great. Not sure if I will still feel that way later or tomorrow. But for now I feel good.

Besides the possible benefits of a healthier me and maybe being able to participate in the Breast Cancer 3-day, I am also hoping for my legs to attain a bit of color (suntan!). My self portrait today is my chalky, white legs after this mornings run. By the way, don’t my son’s old football shorts look fabulous on me?

(You are wondering, I am sure, why is the title of this post LOST? Well you see, I have only lived here for 50-something days. I know the road to the store and to work, they are, in fact, the same road. So I probably should have scoped out the area before I started this morning. When I realized the road didn’t go through where I thought it did and I had to go around the program was done. Problem was…..I was still 13 long blocks from home. Yes, I counted.)


Adventures In Public Service

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Here I am starting off on my adventure cleaning up. I look so happy. And positive. Below is my story.Photobucket

9:00am – Arrive at check in. Receive garbage bags, recycle bags, sweet orange vest, latex gloves, and long grabber thingy. Safety orientation: Don’t touch anything dangerous, watch for snakes, stay hydrated and picture tutorial on what poison oak looks like.

9:05am – Outfitted. Ready to go. Let’s go off alone, pick up garbage and take pictures. Planet saver, that is what I am.

9:10am – It’s warm out. Very little garbage. Lots of pictures.

9:15am – Damn. MP3 player battery died. Who the hell forgot the batteries for that in the car? Too bad extra camera batteries don’t fit. It’s ok. Quiet is good.

9:30am – Man it’s quiet out here. And warm. Why am I talking to myself?

9:45am – Lots of flower pictures. Hey look at that obscure trail. There is probably all kinds of garbage down there. Don’t see any of the other kids around. Kinda getting warm out here.

10:07am – Finding a lot of animal waste/droppings on this trail. No dogs allowed so what could it be? Mountain lion? Oh dear! What if it’s hungry? Can I stab it in the eye with the grabber thingy? Jeez it’s hot.

10:30am – End of trail. Crap, no way out. Who the hell decided I should walk alone? Where is everyone? Where am I? Hell? It’s hot enough.

10:37am – That shortcut ended. Must backtrack. Damn it’s hot.

10:42am – Made wrong turn. Dead end. Should have asked for a map. Back tracking. HOT.

10:50am – I am not going to make it. HOT. HOT. What was that noise in the bushes?

10:52am – Thank heavens. Shady spot in road. Sitting down in middle of road. Finishing last of water. HOT. HOT. HOT.

11:05am – It wasn’t this far out here. Hey, there is a car! Wave. I will just ask for a ride back. Too HOT.

11:06am – Hey, come back! Don’t just wave. I am dying. Thirsty and HOT.

11:15am – What idiot left the extra water bottles in the car!?!?! More rustling in the bushes. Can a person drink rattlesnake blood?

11:24am – Another shady spot in the road. Chest is starting to hurt. Do I have asthma? Wonder how long until they miss me.

11:26am – Can’t call for help. Same idiot left the cell phone in the car. Left arm has a bright red spot where there is no sunscreen. Feels like fire.

11:38am – Shady, grassy, picnic area!!!! Bench!!! BUGS love sweat. Hey, look a candy wrapper.

11:48am – Where the hell do you think you are going? Sit back down. Don’t move. Eventually a park ranger will find you. How can he miss this horrid orange vest?

12:01pm – Free t-shirt??? No I need an ambulance please.
I had a nice hike. I didn’t get much garbage, but some and that is what counts right? It was 90 degrees today. What idiot ordered that weather?

Come One, Come All

The lovely, talented, daughter o’ mine Nanny of The Mommy Project is starting a new tradition. It’s called Self Portrait Saturday. Let’s show the world we are proud of ourselves and our diversity. Even if your shy, join in and just have fun. It doesn’t have to be your face! Just let go and enjoy. Click on the logo, get the graphics and have FUN.

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?You may edit your photo (Photoshop, Picasa, GIMP) un-touched photos welcome too!

?Try to visit as many other people participating in Saturday Self Portraits as possible and leave comments!

?Have fun with it!

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