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WW~Polar (bear) Express

I am babysitting again this week, so not much time for visiting and working on the internet. I did finish these four. Mommy and four children (sz 3-4, sz 5-6, sz 7-8). Get the entire set or just one or two over at ApronFrenzy.


I’d Rather Go Back To Boring

I’ve been worrying about what to blog about. There is so very little going on around here, except sewing, that I haven’t had any ideas. I spend my days worrying about how if I don’t blog, I won’t make the connections I need to stay positive and to meet more people to market my aprons to. I worry about where the money for the rent and utilities and food are going to come from. My last disability check paid through November 12th. Apparently, when my surgeon originally completed the forms he thought I would be better by then. When I saw him on the 11th of November, he decided I need a contrast MRI due to my continued inability to work. The MRI must have prior authorization from Medi-Cal (in spite of the fact that I must pay the first $1000 of any medical costs each month). I am still awaiting approval. So I worry, when they do approve it, will the MRI company take payments? I am sure the disability payments will catch up eventually, but in the meanwhile we have zero income. I have been selling quite a few aprons, one or two a week, but how does two people survive financially on that meager $60 a week? I am blessed that the person whom I rent from is not going to kick me out (at least not yet, as far as I know), but I use what we get to eat, buy toilet paper: basics. It doesn’t pay for the blood work I need to have done before my regular MD will refill my diabetes medications. They ran out this week.

I was reading this article by Mir Kamin, Facing The Holidays During Financial Crisis, and I realized that I wasn’t really worried about the holidays. Even with all the other worries on my mind, I haven’t been letting it get me down. I just keep pushing through each day. I get a little down when the mail comes each day and there is no response from SSDI regarding Mr. Vixen’s ruling. Mostly I get angry about it because they said it would be about 30 days and it’s already been 90. Still, I get over it all and move through; doing what I can to stay upbeat and survive. Mir’s article reminded me of the really lean years when our kid’s were younger. How much I worried Christmas would be ruined for them. I am not much about getting gifts, but I really do love to give them. Reading the article reminded me that I have one less thing to worry about during this difficult time because my children are all adults now. I don’t have to explain, they already know. It’s a blessing really, to know that I can enjoy the season without the worries.

So the point of this long winded (and possibly confusing) post was that I didn’t know what to post because there just isn’t much happening. And I wouldn’t care about not posting, except that I value the interaction I get online and that I am trying hard to learn about marketing myself (ApronFrenzy) and making connections and I worry that I might miss out on opportunity when it knocks. And then my phone rang.

It was my mother, asking if I had talked to Great. I had, about a week ago, but not about what my mother was calling regarding. You see, Great made a decision not to talk to people about this matter for now because of the season. The matter being:  last week, my grandmother (aka Great) had a follow up mammo which discovered a large dense mass in her remaining breast. Long time readers will know that Great is a survivor of breast cancer (and lymphoma) and has been breast cancer free since her partial mastectomy and chemo treatment in 2003. Today she went for an MRI to further diagnose this new mass. We await results.

And, suddenly, I just want boring back. I want to have nothing to write here except to post new aprons I’ve made this week. I want to worry about finding some media guru to take me under their wing and help me market enough aprons to buy Christmas dinner. I want to go back to worrying about the same mundane crap that I worry about everyday, so don’t bother writing about. I want boring back, I’d even take mundane. But I won’t allow that wordthatbeginswithc back. I just won’t. And if the power of positive thinking has any power at all? Then I’ve got that aced.

WW~Mother and Child Reunion (Cook Together)

This adorable set is for sale here or click on the mosaic and it will take you to the sale sight. Enjoy!


What I Did On Monday, Brought To You On Tuesday

Well, I have been working hard around here. Or hardly working, depending on your definition. Last week I went for another follow up with the neurosurgeon. I should definitely be better by now. He gave me orders for another MRI, this one with contrast as the scar tissue from the previous surgery would show up on a regular MRI. The deal is this: The residual issues I am having are on the left side. While his original plan (due to the huge size of the herniation) was to do both sides at the time of the original surgery; when he went in on the right, he found bone spurs and the 45 min surgery became nearly 3 hours. At that point, he decided just doing the one side may have solved my problems. The residual issues could still possibly be nerve damage (or nerve memory) from the herniation. He said most people are already better by now if there isn’t still a problem. But (his words) “the size of your herniation puts you in a class all by yourself.” So although I need an MRI, there is still a chance I may not need surgery. Depends on the findings. If there is still herniation, then I will have to have surgery again. If not, it just may take time. Who knows. First things first. I have to figure out how to pay for the MRI.

I am trying to get an earlier start this year on some aprons for the upcoming holiday season. Hoping to make enough money to buy the kids some gifts (or pay for an MRI). In the meanwhile, you all need to go over to ApronFrenzy during the Fall/Autumn 20% off sale and buy all those aprons so I can get more material for the December holidays! The sale only lasts until the 23rd, so hurry. I have also started making some little decorative towels (the four below I did yesterday as a special request for someone who had bought a custom apron out of the same material).

The need to bake has come upon me. And I feel the need to bake with pumpkin. No idea why. Yesterday I made this tasty pumpkin cheesecake and let me tell you….it was so good, I would consider replacing the pie at Thanksgiving with this. And I don’t even like cheesecake.

It’s been getting much cooler at night here and Bear found some cute dog shirts on sale at Targ3t. Pumpkin (in the Bite Me shirt) seemed to enjoy hers the best. Chewbacca tolerated hers, but I didn’t realize how much weight she had put on until the shirt was on her. I think she looks like the Jolly Green Giant. There was also a little princess in pink running around (Bear’s dog), but Princesses sometimes choose not to pose for pictures and us little people must learn to live with it.

“All truth is good, but not all truth is good to say.”


  1. Grace :: Amazing
  2. Shower :: prefer a nice hot soak in a tub
  3. Alice :: In Chains or Cooper
  4. Purple :: Maddie and March of Dimes
  5. Apartment :: I could never live in one
  6. 3 :: how many grandchildren I have (so far)
  7. Car :: Payment
  8. Pregnant :: Funsize (keep growing baby)
  9. Counselor :: Confidante
  10. Discretion :: the better part of valor

Look at the latest additions over at ApronFrenzy. There are towels and new aprons, a gift set and 20% fall/autumn until the 23rd! Sneak peeks:IMG_4351


Some Day Dogs Will Rule The World

And when they do, those dogs are going to tell you never to listen to Vixen. Always follow the rules.

Remember a bit ago when I went all creatively crafty on you and did those scented pinecones? The look beautiful. Really pretty.

Scented? Not so much. Okay. Not really at all. Now you have ALL LEARNED AN IMPORTANT LESSON with me. When the instructions call for cinnamon essential oil, they really mean cinnamon essential oil. No matter how pricey it is. I still put them in an old basket I had and trimmed the setting off with some Indian corn I had picked up at the pumpkin patch.


Does anyone have any cinnamon scented candles I can borrow? This has also brought to my attention how badly I need to paint my walls. So it’s still a win-win situation.

On another creative juices flowing note. Are you a plus size woman who likes aprons? Then you should check this out. I surprised myself with my pattern adjusting abilities and created this beauty as a special request for someone. This is the second plus size custom apron I have created. The first was a 3x and according to the recipient “it was like I was there and you made it for me.” This one was a more difficult, fitted style and is a size 24-28. I am very proud of how it came out. Be sure to check out ApronFrenzy for style and color ideas and then send me a message if you would like me to create one for you. (please excuse my chair pretending to be a mannequin-I’ve put a real mannequin on my Christmas list.IMG_4288) See how lovely and fashionable you can be in the kitchen without having to be Barbie-sized?

PS: You can click on the apron picture to view it better.

My Giveaway At Mrs. B’s

Mrs. B is having a month long celebration for Halloween called Mrs. B’s 31 Days of Halloween. Today you can enter to win an ApronFrenzy custom apron I created just for this celebration.09-10-09 004mrsB31days
You have just one day to enter. For details on how to enter, visit here and follow the rules. Good luck.

Not An Up Day For Answers


  1. My treat :: would be a day without catastrophe
  2. Bell ::my ding-a-ling
  3. Five :: times today I have cried
  4. You’re crazy :: why, yes I am
  5. Disgust :: at what has become of my life
  6. Tempest :: in a teapot is daily here
  7. Bummer :: Hah, 24/7
  8. Brim :: I am full to it with crap these days
  9. Hose :: water
  10. Lollipop :: my husband had one in his mouth in every picture we took yesterday!

Two new aprons up today, go shop and buy or tell friends/family/strangers about ApronFrenzy


Fall Is Upon Me

The weather has turned cool and I am so into that. We have already decorated for Halloween! Check out these super cheap and fun decorations we made with stuff around the house:

IMG_3856IMG_3858Also the ApronFrenzy shop is filling up rapidly with fun Fall and Halloween aprons. As my only source of income, I appreciate all the support you have all given me over the past year. All I ask is you be sure and tell all your friends and family about the shop, so they can join in the fun too. Below is a sample of the new goods.

Be sure to check back one week from today for your special chance to win an ApronFrenzy original!

Autumn Approaches Half Apron
Fall Turkey Apron
Fall Pattern Half Apron
Lemondrop Halloween Full Apron
Pumpkin Kitty Half Apron
Pirates Of The Tangerine Full Apron Child
Pirates Of The Tangerine Full Apron Adult
Goblin Party Half Apron
Patriotic BBQ Apron
Buy Handmade

You Can Have One Too, You Know You Want One

The newest addition to the shop. An Easter apron for Sara at Red Pine Mountain. If you want one just send me a message. It can be exactly the same or slightly different. Sara likes pink….maybe you like lavender or blue? Go check out all the goods at ApronFrenzy or request your own custom creation!


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