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As we gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing

Thanksgiving comes to us out of the prehistoric dimness,
universal to all ages and all faiths.
At whatever straws we must grasp,
there is always a time for gratitude and new beginnings. ~ J. Robert Moskin

I am more thankful than I could ever express in words. I can only begin to touch the edge of it here.

I am thankful for my children, my husband and my family. For babies and toddlers and teens. For the tears and laughter that remind me I am alive. For the grace to carry on. For the faith that lifts me up. For kindness given and received. For hugs and toothless smiles. For cats and dogs, flowers and trees, sunrises and sunsets.

Today, I am thankful for another day to celebrate life and love with the ones I care the most about.

Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving.

#Tweetsgiving Day Two

what is tweetsgiving

John explains it on YouTube. And here’s the official Site. Join us? For two days tweet with the tag: #TweetsGiving and donate $10 to help build a school in Tanzania!

My children have often said to me (in an annoyed and highly sarcastic way), “Mom, what would you do without Twitter, Facebook, the internetz??!!” I honestly don’t know. These things have become my life line. I have friends now. I have human contact. A support system when I am hurt/down/alone/bored.

So today, I am thankful for the internetz and all the wonderful people I get to interact with. Since this is my first Thanksgiving ever while being unemployed; thanks to the wonders of Facebook and Twitter, I found out you can cook some things IN ADVANCE. That I don’t have to cook it all in one day, on my only day off, and melt into a puddle of exhaustion upon completion. So let’s recap what’s happening here thanks to the wonders of the internetz:

  • Found out turkey was still frozen in spite of defrosting in fridge for three days (turns out they need 4-5 days when they are as large as mine). The helpful Twits and FBookies told me I can defrost it in the sink. IMG_4486
  • Found out I can cook the mashed potatoes today, then tomorrow put them into a crock pot on low for 4-5 hours.
  • I can cook the pies in advance: So I am defrosting my homemade pie mix and bringing my ready-made pie crusts up to room temperature (I am also GRATEFUL to the guy who invented those pie crusts, deeply grateful. IMG_4487
  • I made some towels to go with this fantastic apron I made for Sara, which got some other people excited about my aprons, so I am working on three aprons right now that are already sold!IMG_4484 Which, of course, I am so thankful for because after the leftovers run out I will need some money to buy groceries. Seeing as we really like to eat at least once a day around here. (And now that you have seen that apron, you know you want one too. So go ahead, shop ApronFrenzy.

For now, I am going to get Mr. Vixen working with the food processor and get the onions, celery, onion dip and I am going to have him prepare the Scalloped Corn right up to the cooking point so tomorrow all I have to do is bake it.

Tomorrow is going to be so easy compared to previous years. I am grateful I will be with my beloved family and be relaxed enough to really enjoy them! THANKFUL!! How about you?

I even had time to write this post!

#Tweetsgiving Day One

I was inspired by Carissa so here goes:

what is tweetsgiving

John explains it on YouTube. And here’s the official Site. Join us? For two days tweet with the tag: #TweetsGiving and donate $10 to help build a school in Tanzania!

I am most thankful for my family. This has been a tough year for all of us, but our love can overcome all. As many of you know my son (MacDougal) and his wife (Funsize), lost a baby a little over a year ago. After that there were several early miscarriages. Then, 19 weeks ago, they got pregnant again. I haven’t talked much about it because??? Well, maybe because I was am a little scared. Collin was born at 33 weeks and we still didn’t get to bring him home, so we still have time to worry. A few weeks ago the OB did an ultrasound and said he “saw” something. Could be the cord, but he was 80% sure this little one is a boy. Today I tagged along to see if this could be verified. Today the little one was not cooperating. He/she would neither confirm nor deny a he or she status. In fact, as the OB said “he/she was all over the place.” So my temporary nickname for this little gift is RolyPoly.

And today I am thankful for this view and this sound:

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