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Saving the planet, one less stinky sock at a time

A few months ago, someone knocked on my door. (Not always a good thing around here.) She was from our local utility provider. Turns out based on where we live, we automatically qualified for a program they have:

Customers who qualify receive personal visits from contractors who can help you do the following things for your home:

  • Install improvements to help make your home more energy efficient.
  • Help you understand the best ways you can save energy around your home.
  • Determine whether some of your appliances are eligible for free repairs or replacement.
Examples of Free Home Improvements
  • Attic Insulation
  • Door weatherstripping and caulking
  • Low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators
  • Water heater blankets
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Select energy-efficient appliances

I was pretty stoked. After several visits from several different contractors, we found that we have adequate attic insulation, that our water heater is mounted too close to the wall for a heater blanket, and that we couldn’t get energy efficient weather stripping because our house is too small and we wouldn’t have enough ventilation. All they could do for us was exchange all our light bulbs for energy efficient ones and give us a free lamp. Which isn’t bad at all for free. But I had to admit, I was a little discouraged. Then the appliance guy arrived. Our fridge and dryer are only three years old, as we had to get them when we moved into this house. My washer, however, was ancient when I purchased it from the classifieds. The last time I purchased a new washer? The year I was married. That’s right, 1982. After that we only got a new (to us) washer when ours died and we bought whatever someone else was getting rid of. Ours was not at all energy efficient. What I did not realize was how dirty my ‘clean’ laundry was. I probably would have died an old lady who never knew what clean, fragrant laundry really was if it wasn’t for this program. But now there is no going back.

Hip, hip hooray that I am helping the planet. The real joy is the look, feel, and smell of my clean laundry. It actually makes me want to do laundry. Now that? Is an amazing machine. Behold the clean machine:

IMG_5827  Is that awesome or what?

My suggestion to all of you? Go to your utility company’s home page. Find out if they have a program like this. Immediately sign up! What have you got to lose? And look what you might gain!

Lighten your wallet and your heart (Win an Ipod too!)

I have always enjoyed living vicariously through others. Like yesterday, when I drive the lovely Nannygoat all over kingdom come hunting for a new puppy! I love puppies and I would love to adopt another one, but it is not in the cards right now. Thus, I lived vicariously through her. (Also as the grandmother I had to verify the dog’s compatibility with the grandkids. My life is tough, I know.)

And now I want to live vicariously through one of you! I have talked here many times about Shelly’s Share A Square efforts. That woman is so precious. Never have I met anyone more kind-hearted. Well now she wants to raise money to send kids with cancer to camp! Because she just can’t stop giving. So now all the kids will have lovely afghans made with caring hearts AND attend camp while sparing their parents the expense (you know the medical expenses must be tremendous already). To entice you to participate another kind-hearted friend is having a little blogiversary/donation contest! Jessica from Life Is RANTastic is going to give one lucky (and kind-hearted too) person an IPOD just for donating!

How do you fit in? Well, I really, really am going to finally finish assembling the afghan for the Share A Square project this weekend. In celebration I want you to try and win an IPOD! I just don’t have the funds to help on this end of the project right now, but I think it would be FANTASTIC if one of you WON! So, if you can, head over to Jessica‘s and Shelly’s. Donate and enter. (Rules and directions are here or here) Then when you win, let me know and we will celebrate together!


I feel pretty
Oh so pretty
I feel pretty and witty and gay
And I pity
Any girl who isn’t me today
I feel charming
Oh so charming
It’s alarming how charming I feel

Thank you to MacDougal and Funsize for the birthday present I used after work this evening (mani/pedi)!

And if that wasn’t good enough for a Friday I also got this:

From the very lovely and talented herself NannyGoat. I must now award it to ten people…..but I am resting this evening. So the awarding will happen tomorrow. But I wanted the thanking to happen tonight!

Inspiration 2007

I was quite surprised to find that Jos bestowed upon me the following award:
for my Wordless Wednesday efforts. So far I have been able to post only my own pictures for WW and share a bit of myself and stretch my creative juices.

In return, I would like to award this accolade to a couple of people who’s blogging efforts inspired me in 2007, my first year of blogging.

Mrs. Eaves at Camera Shy: She posts pictures every single day and they inspire me tremendously. If I could take one picture a week as well as she does every day, I would feel graced.

I would also award AT at AtomicTumor but I know he would never accept it, lol. But without his inspirational efforts I wouldn’t have had the guts to start my own.

Mishelle at SecretAgentMomma. She really inspires me with her self portraits. I keep working at it and someday if I get one half as nice, I will post it.

Sumgirl inspires me with her wit, humor and the loving, insightful and caring way she deals with her son Bubba’s differences. I can only hope I am able to address Ladybug’s newly found difficulties with the same amount of balance and intelligence.

WackyMommy‘s efforts to change her world; her activism, fearless outspokenness, and efforts to make her childrens’ world a better place make me want to stand up and fight in all the right ways. She is also funny and witty.

Mallory‘s struggles to do what is best for her family and still be the best daughter/caretaker in the world are inspiring. She succeeds so well as a mom and a daughter, it makes me proud she deems me worthy of her friendship.

Every single person on my blogroll to the right inspired me. Some of them already have the award, but I want you each to know: To get on the list you had to have inspired me and I appreciate each and every one of you. Without all you, I wouldn’t still be here.

Here’s to an inspirational and rewarding 2008.


Harlekwin pointed me to this awesome sight. Bless her heart, she helped me spend two hours doing fun stuff instead of what I was supposed to get accomplished. I don’t know why the results make me as happy as a tick on a fat dog, it must be my scientific/mathematical mind. I was always best at math in school. Well here is my first attempt…I am sure there will be more. The first is the picture I took a few months ago, the second the result after vectorization. Wheeee!!! (you can click to see the full view, I think)
Wanna try it?
Here is the link: VectorMagic

OMG I Can’t Believe I Forgot To Tell You All!!!!!!

See what happens when your computer is dead and you are on vacation (thus not at work, where you should be working not blogging-ok I’ll be honest, I am at work and blogging. I was yesterday also)?

Remember that horrible news we got about Butterball’s hearing back at the beginning of the month? Well, she went for her follow up with the specialist and they performed a more invasive test (which included putting something into her ear canal) and Abbracadabra: She has perfect hearing in both ears. Possibly it was fluid in her ear still from birth (which the first doc said was impossible, but hey we all make mistakes right?

So hip, hip hooray! Now Butterball can hear all the stuff her big sister is running around screaming all day!!!

God Bless Us All

I wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas. Just a quick entry here because God is Great and Jesus is the reason for the season:

As followers know, Ladybug had some issues at birth and some issues this past summer. For a beautiful little girl who is four months short of three, her language is significantly statistically behind her age group. She is scheduled to begin speech therapy in January. She talks to us non-stop, however, we only can get a few words here and there and they are mostly guesses which she corrects if we are wrong. Not many sentences. And never sentences strung together. But today she stopped in a room full of people and toys and excitement and said:

“Tank u Momma. Tank u Santa. Thi’s awesome!”

It was the most beautiful sound we have ever heard. God Bless you all and I hope your day was just as amazing!!!

PS: The “awesome” was said with such a distinct Jersey accent we were very confused, since she was born and raised in SoCal. It just made it all the more adorable.

I WILL come to your house

Are you scared? You should be. I am telling you…all you people who come and visit my blog (who I really, really appreciate in spite of the fact that I am going to threaten you now), you are not visiing my 365 Project. Puulease come see. I am journaling my daily life and baring my soul. Come see and comment. Because I am comment hungry like that. I know I am a ho-bag, but I am an honest ho-bag. Now go visit my 365 Project and read all the posts and comment.

Or, I will come to your house and I will grab your hands and I will force your fingers to push the keyboard buttons. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Dooce ain’t got nothin’ on me

It’s true that she is hands down more talented a writer than I, she puts into words my 18 years as a non-Mormon in Utah exactly how I would have written it if I was that funny or creative all those years ago, she is the way I found out what the HEdoubletoothpicks a blog was and is the reason I am here. But I have to say, my kids would not stop harrassing me about how great Chuck is!!!! And since I currently own 7 dogs, I felt bad that none of my dogs could compare to CHUCK! So I worked long and hard and V O I L A………….A pumpkin on PUMPKIN (that is her name)

When You Are Happy

When you are Happy by Eileen Spinelli

When you are happy
oh, when you are happy,
I will outleap the frog,
outbuzz the bee,
outwink the firefly.
I will twirl you
round meadows
until we are both
and dazzled,
and falling down
into our grassy heap
of joy.

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