We don’t really get much of a change of seasons here in SoCal. We prbobaly have three seasons here: Summer, Drought and Fire. All of which are pretty warm and similar. Once in a great while, we have a moment or two of chill to the air, reminding me that Fall is here whether the weather agrees or not. Last night was one of those nights. I did, in fact, have to get up in the night and turn off the fan. (I know cold, huh?) But it felt like Fall and this leaf reminded me of the beginning of fall back in Utah (where the leaves really change color). On a weather related note it was 80 degrees in Utah day before yesterday and yesterday Mom woke to snow on the mountains. Here it was 57 degrees last night (YAY!), but today we have a high fire warning with Santa Ana winds, high heat and low humidity (BOO!). Mother Nature, she is a fickle lady.

Feeling of Fall


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