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First Love (aka 28 years on the 28th)

On April 28, 1984, after 23+ hours of labor and scary moments, you burst into my life filling it with joy and happiness. Nursing you the first time made me feel like I had found my purpose in life. Such a beautiful baby the world had not seen before.

As a you grew into a funny, goofy, sweet, tender toddler our days were filled with light and love as we learned the ins and outs of parenthood. You blessed our ‘first-hood’ with giggles and smiles. Your curiosity knew no bounds and it was fascinating to rediscover the world through your eyes.

You are our princess and our angel. Our first-born child, the greatest reflection of our love for each. Life with you surpassed even our wildest imaginings. Our hopes and dreams for you seem slight and short-sighted in view of the woman you have become.

Life hasn’t always been easy for the three of us, but your strength and love has helped us become a unit that thousands of people on this planet envy and wish they could achieve. A family of true love.

We thank God everyday for choosing us to be your parents. I can’t even find the words to describe how much we love you and how blessed we are to be sharing this journey with you, Nanny.

Even as I long for the days when you were my baby (I hear that never goes away, sigh), I can’t imagine a life without the beautiful, talented, wonderful adult you are now. Or a life without the girls, who couldn’t have been blessed with a better mother than you.

We love you, Nannygoat. Happy Birthday from Mom and Dad.


PS: Even when you thought I wanted to strangle you I stilled loved you more than life itself, LOL


Life’s A Circus

Circus Vargas

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You’re invited to come see the thrilling world of Circus Vargas! Take a look beyond the sawdust and spangles, a peek past the wonder and the mystique and discovercircus vargas why Circus Vargas is America’s Favorite Big Top Circus! Its family entertainment at its finest, and it is coming your way, San Diego. The blue and gold big top will be at Balboa Park February 17 through 27. Unveiling its greatest collaboration to date, Tabares Entertainment joins forces with famed singing Ringmaster Kevin Venardos for a production of musical magnitude in its most exciting, innovative edition ever! Acting as host and master of ceremonies, Venardos skillfully melds melody with movement, adds a bit of Broadway and a splash of razzle-dazzle for an unbelievably entertaining extravaganza! Singing an original score he himself conceived in conjunction with talented composer and lyricist, Larry Lees, Venardos adds an additional dimension to an already amazing cast of performers and sets the stage for this clever production! Arrive thirty minutes early for the interactive pre-show where children of all ages get a chance to be center stage under the big top. They will be guided through a crash course in circus skills with our host Jon Weiss and his lovely wife Laura. For more information about Circus Vargas and to purchase tickets visit, by phone at 877-GOTFUN-1 (877-468-3861) or at the circus box office which opens one day prior to the first show

Disney On Ice Toy Story 3 Giveaway

Last week, we took the girls ice skating for the first time. Ever since we attended Disney On Ice last year, the girls have been wanting to try it! First we warmed up D31 Artwith a little Mr. Potato Head decorating, then some off ice skating lessons and learned some dance moves and then onto the ice. What a fantastic time we all had and we can’t wait to try it again. The girls are even more excited to see Disney On Ice – Toy Story 3 next week! Ladybug was Buzz Lightyear for Halloween this year, that is how much she loves Toy Story.

We are attending the opening night show on the 25th, although we will be down at least one fan; as Mr. Vixen is having knee replacement surgery that day. After waiting all these years (in pain) for this day to come, when he found out it was on the same day as Disney On Ice, he informed me he wanted to postpone the surgery! That is how much fun we have t Disney On Ice.

Disney On Ice Toy Story 3 runs  January 25-29, 2012 at the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego. You can find information and ticket prices here. I think you should all attend and then write to Mr. Vixen and tell him all about it. It will almost be like he is there with us! In fact, I have a package of four tickets for one lucky family to attend that you can win right here! The vouchers must be exchanged at the box office for certain showings and some showings do sell out so you will want to exchange them fast!

Do you want to attend Disney On Ice Toy Story 3 for Mr. Vixen? Just enter below and one (1) random winner will be selected on January 19th (you can enter until midnight the 18th and I will draw the winner the morning of the 19th) and you could be at the show with Woody and the gang. Tickets are good for opening night Wednesday, January 25 at 7:00 pm or Thursday , January 26 at 7:00pm or Friday, January 27 at 11:00am

Check us out skating:

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Instant Love

I got my husband a horse for Christmas (after 30 years together I thought we should share my obsession). Her name is Bonnie Blue (on the right). She can Calypso fell in love fast and hard….just like Mr. Vixen and I did.


One Week Vacation Wrap Up

I guess in some ways, I wish I had more things to show for my first week long vacation in forever, but my plan was to do nothing but relax and enjoy myself and that is exactly what I did! Besides cooking a 22lb turkey and all the fixings, moving Calypso to a new barn, reading the first book of Hunger Games in one sitting, barn work on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and watching a ton of TV. See not much for a week, right?

I took my camera to the new place tonight and I will share pictures and explain why I moved in another post. For now, I wanted to share this awesome and inexpensive table décor I made.

The large glass vases I got from Walmart for only $2 and change, the inner votives (in glass) were 12 for $4 at Big Lots. The best are the acorns. Roly Poly and I collected those at the new barn. The property has tons of oak trees and the acorns were ours for the collecting. He and I had such a blast. I wish I’d had my camera with me to show you his adorably proud face every time he found one and brought it over to me.

I think they came out awesome. But after we lit them on Thanksgiving I was even more impressed, the light flickers and filters through the acorns and they are simply stunning.

I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving. I don’t want to go to work tomorrow. Sad me, right?

Don’t forget to go enter my contest for a chance to win your choice of a Lalaoopsy doll or a LEGO set HERE. And be sure the check out and enter the cutest kid contest at Nannygoat’s photography Facebook page HERE.


Giving of Thanks

Boy have I missed you all. I will get back to sharing and posting soon, I hope. In the meanwhile, I wanted to stop by and say Happy Thanksgiving to all my dear friends. I am very grateful for so many things; family, a job, a home, and my horse (of course) but also for all of you who support me and keep me sane, even when I am not posting. I can’t stay long, lots of cooking going on here but I will try to stop by tomorrow and share a cool decoration I made this year!

Tomorrow, though, is Black Friday and I know many of you may be shopping (fun times!). Living on a tight budget like I have to, I wanted to share a great site with you: RetailMeNot is a great community and a fantastic site for great deals and coupons. As you can tell by my lack of posting, time is something I have very little to spare lately. This site helps me immensely! They have nearly every online coupon and promo code you could ever hope to find—all in one place. With more than 1,000,000 coupons from over 100,000 stores, RetailMeNot will become invaluable to you too! Be sure to check them out and get the biggest savings on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’ll save so much money you’ll be able to buy me TWO presents this year.

I also want to give you a gift! The chance to win your choice from one of these two perfect presents for a little one in your life! It’s like shopping for free!

Just enter the rafflecopter form below for your chanced to win! Thanks to you for visiting me. Have a blessed day.

Always Remembering

Today is October 15th,Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

Light a candle at 7pm, tonight and join us all in remembrance of those gone too soon.

Stop by Band Back Together’s Wall Of Remembrance and show some love and support for those who have lost.


Welcome, Baby Banana

Baby Banana

Born 9/20/11

8 lb 3 oz, 18 3/4L


Another beautiful granddaughter

Scientists tell us that the fastest animal on earth, with a top speed of 120 feet per second, is a cow that has been dropped out of a helicopter

I began at 8 am. Head down, eyes on the screen, fingers flying across the keyboard. Read, process, complete, email. The work just screams off my desk. I can’t be distracted, my concentration is intense. 10, 20, 30 jobs finished. A crick in my neck, a low ache in my back; I sit back and stretch. Glance at the clock, 2pm. The day is nearly done in a blink of an eye. For a moment I feel satisfied and, well, proud.

I get up and stretch, decide to walk outside around the building. I wonder why I never allow myself to feel my accomplishments. Why I drive myself on to the next challenge. Why can’t I allow myself to relax and enjoy what I have done? I realize I can’t even walk slowly, breath deeply, and enjoy the blue sky. My mind is already back in front of that screen, flying through the next challenge, ignoring everything around me.

This must be why they call it work.


You can find more Just Write posts at Heather-The EO and link yours up too.

The Time Has Escaped Me

Not sure when the calendar from January to September. Or how I got here.

But here I am. Behind on everything, but enjoying the heck out of life even though I miss contact with you every day.

I doubt it will get better, although I tell myself it will. But life just has a way of going on, even while I try to catch my breath.

Any moment (or no later than the 20th-induction day) I will have another beautiful grandchild, Baby Banana, and I can hardly wait. Possibly the sharing of her new little life will spur me into more often posting here, who knows?

I am riding almost every day now, it keeps me sane in an insane world. The time I spend with Calypso is such a gift.

A lot has happened this summer, most of which I haven’t been able to share here, which sometimes makes me resent this place. That it isn’t my ‘secret’ space anymore. It makes me yearn for your advise, your empathy, your comforting, listening ears. It is what it is, I guess. I just have to work with it.

I think about you all. Every day.

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