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WW~Polar (bear) Express

I am babysitting again this week, so not much time for visiting and working on the internet. I did finish these four. Mommy and four children (sz 3-4, sz 5-6, sz 7-8). Get the entire set or just one or two over at ApronFrenzy.


Saturday Shopping Ideas

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

“If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes – only sooner.”

This mother’s day, I want to inspire all my wild and crazy mom friends to get down and party in the kitchen. I mean, let’s have some fun. RAWR!

All these fun (yet functional) aprons are available over at ApronFrenzy. If you want one of your own, head on over. I can custom make it a different style too!


Things I Shall Attempt Today

  • Figure out how to get some men over to ApronFrenzy to buy these two adorable mom and daughter sets for Mother’s Day.
  • Determine through the expert scientific evaluation method of drawing straws if I am dying from (s)whine flu, pnuemonia or bronchitis.
  • Cough up a lung. I have two.
  • Miss the grandkids. Their paternal grandma is visiting from Utah and I don’t get to see them this weekend.
  • Miss MacDougal and Bloody Mary Sunday. He and Funsize both have the day off and are going to the beach.
  • Deep wash, in hot water (just don’t ask me how….maybe my bathtub?) the stinkiest basset hound on the planet.
  • Finish up and list some beautiful, fun, tropical-inspired aprons.
  • Get the g**gle reader down to zero from 703.
  • Create some homemade (free) graduation invitations for Bear. Anyone have ideas?????

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds ~Sam Adams



and liberty

Escape from tyranny

It was called the revolution



PhotoHunt ~ Stripes

DAR apron 009aThis is my latest, and probably most ambitious creation over at ApronFrenzy. I had a request for an apron for someone’s mom who is a member of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution. She asked for something “patriotic, ‘Williamsburg’ looking, and maybe embroidered.” When I went to the DAR page, I knew this material was perfect. Then I stretched the creative side of my brain, searched for colonial looking print and ended up free-handing the lettering then embroidering it. Do you think I caught the feel? If you want to see more or order your own custom apron, head on over to ApronFrenzy.

DAR apron 001a DAR apron 004a

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Funniest Thing I Have Heard All Year

This past Sunday, Ladybug was out on our patio having a snack. Suddenly, she exclaims:

“Mama, look. Elmo ate the cheerleader.”

And points to….

img_1595Ever since the little red guy started with that hysterical giggling I have been afraid of him. Now I am terrified.

In gardening news….We have teeny, tiny little tomatoes, onions and artichokes. The peppers are on the slow side, but hey things are growing:


Lastly, I promised pictures of Lisa‘s custom apron, but then there was a problem with the seamstress (don’t yell at her, but she cut the wrong pattern out first and had to go buy new material, can you believe her?). Lisa’s request:

I loved, loved, loved the style of the apples half apron – only, can I get a full apron with the same bottom? Colors would be similar – earthy/harvest(y) … reds, golds, plum/purple … think eggplant/grapes/pears/apples …

How do you think I did? Love it? Want one? Head on over to ApronFrenzy and buy or order a custom apron today.

Goddesses and Giveaways

Did you know I am famous now? Sure thing.  And you can say you knew me when. Many thanks to Julia for featuring me!

I am this week’s feature over at The Apron Goddesses and you can win one of my aprons (details on entry here)! So head over there, read all about it, enter the contest, buy an apron or order a custom one…..well, I think those are enough orders for the morning. Although I reserve the right to come back later and order you around some more.


Oh, one more order. Check out this new addition to the ApronFrenzy collection:


Now I must go yoga. And then shower.


Tailor Made

My dear friend Frigga, over at AnyApples, asked me to make her an apron with apples (surprised?) and earth tones. This is what I created for her:


If you want a custom apron, just let me know. Have a special hobby, favorite colors, holiday????? I can cater to your apron needs! Visit my shop at ApronFrenzy.

Cute In The Kitchen (or craft room or play room)

I am still here (and still unemployed)! But that doesn’t mean I have been sitting around feeling sorry for myself…oh, no. I have been burning up the thread on my sewing machine. See, I have tons of material that I didn’t get to finish over the holidays, but I couldn’t see selling very many Halloween, Fall and Christmas aprons. Don’t get me wrong, as long as I have free time (unemployment) I will finish those up too, but for now I dug into my fabric stash and came up with some adorable new kid’s aprons! Also, back in the Fall a little birdie told me that if I found some pink scooter fabric someone who has a thing for pink scooters might buy an apron. Well, I stumbled upon some fabric that is imported from Japan, but never had the chance to whip it up. Well, I have now! I hope pink scooter fanatics everywhere love it!

So head on over to my etsy shop and check out the fruits of my nubby fingers! Tell your friends too! You don’t have to be a blogger to appreciate a fine apron. Buy homemade!

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Thursday Thirteen #34 ~ The Apron Edition

Woo hoo, it has been a long, long time since I did a TT! I may have even forgotten how!

Presenting 13 reasons to buy wear an apron from my store: Apron Frenzy:

  1. Aprons keep your clothing free from dirt, stains and odors. It reduces wear and tear on your regular clothes!
  2. You can use apron pockets to store or carry utensils or even treats for the little ones!
  3. Aprons can serve as a handy towel to dry freshly scrubbed hands!
  4. Aprons energize the atmosphere of your kitchen. Everyone can feel Martha Stewart-esque in a fun and functional apron!
  5. Consider it kitchen art! You decorate your kitchen walls, why not the cook?
  6. Wear an apron because your mom or grandma did! The memories, the love! Consider it retro chic!
  7. Aprons help to maintain hygienic and healthy conditions.
  8. You will need one for National Wear Your Apron Day, which in the U.S. is the first Monday after Mother’s Day (bet you didn’t know that, eh?).
  9. Aprons can be living/moving holiday decorations! Want a table runner to match your Thanksgiving/Fall apron, your Christmas apron? Just let me know and I can do it!
  10. When you reach down and grab the hem of your apron you have an instant catch-all! Carry peas or tomatoes in from the garden, scoop up all the playdough from the table, take all the corn husks to the garbage. It’s limitless!
  11. Buying handmade makes better gift giving, is better for people and better for the environment! Why don’t you take the Buy Handmade pledge this year?
  12. I Took The Handmade Pledge! BuyHandmade.org

  13. They make excellent hostess and holiday gifts! The are unique, personal and handmade! Know someone who likes a particular them or item? Let me know and I will see what I can find! Yes, I do custom orders when possible! (like say scooters? or red, white and blue? or snowman/snowflakes? – yes, those are some I am already doing!)
  14. If you think about it aprons are fun and functional. And they are pretty darned cute too! Head on over to Apron Frenzy to see what I mean (yes, there is a new one up. the pictures sucks, but my partner will fix that tonight I hope).

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