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Where For Art Thou, Poetry?

There was an old lady named Vix
Who tried to throw poetry into the mix
Thirty days she did write
Sometimes late into the night
Then she ended it all with this limericks

National Poetry Month is coming to an end, thus closing this chapter of my life known as NaPoWriMo. A poem a day for 30-days! It was fun. I appreciate all your support. I don’t think I will be able to part with my poetry crush very easily, so don’t be surprised if I continue to sometimes annoy beguile you with my poems.

Only One Day Left Of Lovely April

Even though I know I shouldn’t, I do
Even though the light is dim, I seek
Even though odds are against, I struggle
I wake, I sleep, I dream, I wonder
Life goes by while I toil away
The world blossomed whilst I slept
Another month born and gone
Even though it is hard, we try
Even though our love is sometimes ignored, we share
Even though truth is hidden, we find

Day 29. One more. Over and out.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

A moment in time never to be forgotten
As close today as it was 24 years ago
Your cry so weak and timid
Yet bursting in my ears like one hundred fireworks
Going off inside my cranium

Struggle you did as you emerged
Into a world of bright lights and scary voices
“Punky Brewster” the doctor crowed
Don’t know what made him think of that

I held you so tightly, but so shortly
As they whisked you away
So much worry on their faces
Did not allay my fears

What is this? I thought
So much work and effort
And no cuddle time to reward me?
Exhausted I lie on the bed and just cried

Six long hours later
After loving family had gone home
You were delivered unto me
And crept into my heart forever

We have grown together
First daughter, first-time mother
Through hard times and good times
Then harder times still

I could ask for nothing more in a child
Yet you would not be undone
And gifted to me the most lovely of presents
In Ladybug and Butterball

I never thought there could be more
Than a first mother’s love
Yet, you are a gift that just keeps on giving.

Happy Birthday, Nannygoat.

Flowering Bear


Prompt #9 is from Rachel Green: Flowering. Head over to One Single Impression to see more participants.

shannon's easter pics 246

Adorable child
Once a cute little pixie
Feisty tiny bud
Winsome, flowering
Becoming a young woman
Hailing a new world
Gone is the baby
Welcomed is the new lady
Lucky is the world
A blossom like you
Is a grand addition to
The bouquet of life

My Corner Of The Planet


Creek To Bay Cleanup
Is where I’ll be in the morn
Loaning them my hands
Picking up garbage
Isn’t so bad when the view
Is pleasing to spy
I am rewarded and the
Earth shines a bit more

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Today’s prompt comes for the Poetry Blog of 32 Poems Magazine. “Write a poem in the form of an official document.” For example a poem in the form of a will.

If you are reading this, I have passed from this plane into another
Do not grieve for me, for I am in Heaven with those who traveled before me
I shall be with you and watch over you each and every day, have no fear

To my husband:
I leave you every breath I took with you
A love that is breath taking and life giving
A lifetime of cherished moments to hold you over
Secrets shared, laughs imparted, passion ignited and sated
I leave three precious gifts of our love
In which you shall see me every moment,
In little looks, movements, and speech

To My Children:
I leave you my soul, which I surrendered at your birth
I leave you my mind, which I shared with you every day
I leave you a world I struggled to make better for you
I leave you a sense of accomplishment for all you achieve
And a sense of pride for all that you attempt
I leave you joy with which to experience all there is in life
I leave you a foundation for life
A family unit built of deep, abiding love
Of trust, honesty, blessings and miracles

To The World:
I leave with you my gratification for challenging me
I leave you my sense of having touched some, hurt some, helped some
I leave you grateful of nature so magnificent
And daily beauty so remarkable

Keep working, keep succeeding, keep trying. I will see you when you get here.

Hello and Goodbye

ReadWritePoem Prompt #23

For your poem this week, try combining two elements that don’t seem to go together at first glance. Here’s the process:
• Think of a happy memory, a moment that brings you joy. Write five to ten lines about that moment and then put the poem away.
• Write about a moment or time of distress, sadness or anger. Once again, write five to ten lines.
• Get out the first poem and combine it with the second by alternating lines.

A moment in time when love ruled all

Knowing the day was coming made it no easier to reach

Two souls joined forever and celebrated with many

The goodbye seemed all too soon

Joyous and merry, laughing and crying

A celebration of life passed

Dances and words and songs to express

Remembrances of laughter and love

A feeling that really has no words

A longing for days gone by palpable in the air

Solemnized by law and church

Eulogies recalling days well spent and life lessons earned

Snatches of the day live forever in our minds

Tears spent, the idea of absence difficult to grasp

The day we became one

The day we let you go

Sick Haiku

Less than an hour

After leaving sick child

Nose became evil


Still, I went to work

Therapy with Ladybug

Exhausted and pfft


Better tomorrow

Or I will kick my own arse

End of sick haiku

The Colors Of A Sick Baby


I had a great plan today to work on the One Single Impression cue of color. Unfortunately, Butterball decided to interfere with my relax-write poetry-crochet on afghan day. She has had a fever for five days without much else. No ear pulling and only really cranky when her fever would spike. She did have a loss of appetite for the last few days and today decided she was not interested in nursing. So Nanny decided to take her to Urgent Care. Approximately 759,367 other parents also decided the same thing. They arrived at 1pm when it opened (I think, I was still at home dreaming the foolish dreams of a Grandmother left to her own devices). By 3pm they still had not been seen and Lloyd had to leave for work at 3:45. So who ya gonna call? Grambusters! I went over and relieved him. We were eventually seen and they couldn’t find anything wrong, but just in case they wanted to do a chest x-ray (I am still not sure about that one). But, alas, there is no x-ray machine at the UC. So they sent us off to the local emergency room for that (which is also the trauma center for the area and one of the busiest places in the county). We returned with our x-ray on CD and Butterball was pronounced:

A cold.

I got home at 8PM!!!!

I will not, however, miss a day of NaPoWriMo. For I am Grambuster

Your chubby cheeks flushed coral
Your eyelids painted crimson, with a slash of violet underneath
Eyes of seagreen glassed over
All set within a palette of pale cornsilk
A dose of bright salmon Motrin
Combined with fluffy, cotton candy pink love from Mommy and Grandma
You start feeling peachy!

Week Long


Another Friday
Took forever to arrive
Relief to my mind
Weekends are needed
To rejuvenate and to
Restore my groove line
Will finish joining
The Share A Square afghan for
Kids who have cancer
I have owed it since
Long ago, last year, behind
Shelly must worry
Have had a great time
With my mom’s visit this week
But gained many pounds
NaPoWriMo has
Been quite a challenge for me
Only thirteen more
The creating lines
Transforming thoughts/ideas
Is good for my mind
Find beauty in all
Tho’ strife may still lurk nearby
Only positive

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