Yesterday, a young man in a green shirt pumped 10 gallons of gasoline into my van for a grand total of $12.70. Yes, I paid $1.27/gallon. Amazing isn’t it? I saved nearly $30 on those ten gallons of gas. Thirty dollars may not seem like a lot of money to some people, but to me it is food for several days. And my family and I like to eat food. Sometimes we even like to eat twice a day…

I have never really talked politics here. Politics, to me, is a tricky business. A business that I believe, frankly, is way above my head. I am not well educated in current politics. My college education was more than 20 years ago and since then my attention was on parenting and my family. I know there are many of you out there who kept up on things at the same time you raised children, but. I have not. I don’t know if that makes me a poor citizen or not, but it is what it is. I concentrated for years on balancing a full-time job, three kids, a husband and various pets. I learned how to make home-made playdough and can my own salsa. I learned how to cut, haul and stack cords and cords of wood. I taught and shared my faith as a Religious Ed Teacher in my church. As a Girl Scout Leader, I had adventures and joy.

The eager, information devouring, gung-ho, save the planet young lady I was during the 1980 presidential election was put aside. I always registered to vote. They day before elections I read up on all the issues. And I voted. I didn’t pay much attention to how campaigns were run. Until yesterday.

The person behind the $1.27/gallon gas is Nick Leibham. He is running for congress. I will be very honest and tell you that I did not know that when I went for the gas. Lloyd had called me the night before saying he had seen a flyer at the gas station near my work and there would be $1.27 gas the next day at 2:00pm. So I went. To stand in line. Because I can’t afford to put gas in my tank most days. Without gas I can’t get to work. Without work my family becomes hungry and homeless. So I was willing to spend my lunch getting cheap gas. I could not have cared a bit about why it was cheap.

During my lengthy time in line (who can resist $1.27 gas?) with the other 50 people lucky enough to be in the ‘first 50’ (I was 45, whew), I had time to meet and talk a bit with Mr. Leibham. I am not endorsing him here, you can follow the link to his site and make your own decision.

The reason I am linking and telling you this story is because I am impressed. This is how campaigns should be run, in my opinion. He acknowledged a problem area for ‘real’ people, addressed it in a way that caught our attention and then came out face to face and entertained discussion. He connected to people, like me, who vote but don’t have time to attend rallies or speeches. People who care about the world and their community, but quite often miss the evening news because they are busy addressing issues in their homes. People whose every day lives are directly affected by politicians, but feel they have no influence, no voice despite their one vote. If all campaigns could touch us ‘common folk’ in some way, I honestly believe there would be less apathy, more change and positive communication. Heck, maybe we could even save the world.