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A Slice of Pi

Pi-ku Haiku:

Lost an hour


A late sunset

From OSI via A Challenge for Pi Day: Write Your Own Pi-ku:

Today is March 14, 3/14, 3.14, or as it’s known to many unlikely to have other plans, Pi Day. I’m learning about a few ways Pi Day is celebrated by so-called mathletes. There are pie contests and pizza parties. Those who can recite more than just three digits do so out loud to no one in particular, and the Exploratorium in San Francisco holds an all-day celebration. And some people, we understand, write pi-ku—haiku about pi. I say we take it one step nerdier and make new rules. You don’t need to love math to love Pi Day!

First line: 3 syllables

Second line: 1 syllable

Third line: 4 syllables

“And, after all, what is a lie? ‘Tis but the truth in a masquerade”


Inspired this week by OSIbadge‘s prompt of


Removing the mask
Of the life I was caught in
Liberating me
Behind the disguise
Was much hope, love and laughter
Released last night – Free

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The Art Of Life


I paint the canvas of life
With colors rich and pure
Sometimes my strokes unsure and slow
The edges of existence bleeding and blurring
Other times my brush is keen and swift
My creation crisp and straight
The pondering of what will be revealed next
Is the force that keeps the image alive

Spring, The Tease of Summer

Although Summer hid, I knew she was near
For I caught glimpses of her ankles in a few warm dawnings
And espied her profile while running through the trees
She concealed herself behind a girth of cool skies and gray clouds
Teasing me with her peek-a-boo games of budding flowers and greening grasses
Dampening my pleasure with soggy visits of mist and fog
So I pursued her form, seeking to revisit the time we shared before
When at last I reached the spot where I’d last felt her warmth
I cast aside a layer of mulch and seasons, only to unearth her aura
Her spirit dancing ahead, taunting “Catch me if you can”

Flowering Bear


Prompt #9 is from Rachel Green: Flowering. Head over to One Single Impression to see more participants.

shannon's easter pics 246

Adorable child
Once a cute little pixie
Feisty tiny bud
Winsome, flowering
Becoming a young woman
Hailing a new world
Gone is the baby
Welcomed is the new lady
Lucky is the world
A blossom like you
Is a grand addition to
The bouquet of life



What a perfect day

The weather was glorious

Happy Sunday all

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