Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Well, it is sort of tied with Christmas, but I love it in a different way. For me, Thanksgiving is about family. Any of you who read here much, know that I am all about my family. Growing up, we had Thanksgiving at my grandparents cabin. All my family, aunts, uncles, their kids. A cabin in the woods stuffed full of family. Traditionally, just before we were all finished eating, my grandfather would start a food fight. With the adults. The kids table did not participate. Watching all those prim and proper old folks throw food at each other was highly entertaining.

I grew up at my mother’s and grandmother’s knee, learning how to cook and prepare our holidays meals as I grew. I am very proud of my ability to exactly recreate their specialties. My younger sister, however, did not follow in my footsteps. When she was grown, married and hosted her first Thanksgiving dinner at her house for my mom, I remember mom calling me and telling me my sister bought the entire meal from the grocery store. All done for her. I am sure my great-grandma Healy rolled over in her grave when she heard that. I think it was a few years later before she hosted her next Turkey Day festivities, but this time she attempted to prepare the meal herself. Oh how I wish I had been there to see the looks on everyone’s faces when upon attempting to remove the stuffing from inside the turkey, they pulled out the still intact (but slightly charred) bag of giblets that she had forgotten to remove before stuffing and cooking the turkey!

This year will be the first Thanksgiving that I have been able to prepare since 2006. It is my favorite meal to prepare and I take weeks to plan and days to perfect. I am so excited to have a home again and to be able to share this wonderful, thankful holiday with my family and friends.

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