Are bees really that busy? Flitting from project to project? I guess they are and so am I. I had to shop for nearly 5 hours today. Between the Sponge Bob birthday party tomorrow at 3pm and a wedding (yes, a wedding) on Monday morning and the fact the funds are quite limited I had to hit six different stores for sales, coupon usage, and the best deal. Not that I am doing anything for the wedding that I didn’t really know was happening until a few days ago. Because it’s “no big deal”. So no plans or anything. As a result of the (never-ending) chaos of this weekend you get another haiku for NaPoWriMo today. Because they are easy.

Charcoal barbeque
Is the only way to go
Nothing beats that smell
Steaks on the barbie
Potatoes in the oven
Cold beer in my hand
Saturday night is
Just alright with me you know
Peace in my soul rocks


PhotoHunt 104: Glass

I actually fudged about what was in my hand up there in the haiku. Mr. Vixen, barbeque chef extraordinaire, had a beer in his hand while I penned it. I, on the other hand, had a glass: