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A Change of Sails

A change in time, a change in place
A change of jobs, a change of pace
change your style or change your friends
change your path and change the end
Change for a 20, change for a 10
Change for the bus, ‘Change please, friend’
A change of homes, a change of kin
A change of friends you never win
a change of schools, begin again
A change of age, a change of space
A change of morals, A change of rules
A change of sails, blowing you into the unknown      ~Ethan Allen

What do you think of the new digs? AWESOME work by PrincessJenn right?

A Slice of Pi

Pi-ku Haiku:

Lost an hour


A late sunset

From OSI via A Challenge for Pi Day: Write Your Own Pi-ku:

Today is March 14, 3/14, 3.14, or as it’s known to many unlikely to have other plans, Pi Day. I’m learning about a few ways Pi Day is celebrated by so-called mathletes. There are pie contests and pizza parties. Those who can recite more than just three digits do so out loud to no one in particular, and the Exploratorium in San Francisco holds an all-day celebration. And some people, we understand, write pi-ku—haiku about pi. I say we take it one step nerdier and make new rules. You don’t need to love math to love Pi Day!

First line: 3 syllables

Second line: 1 syllable

Third line: 4 syllables

Horribly Hirsute


It returns again
A single, dark hair on my chin
Only to be plucked

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One Nation In Struggle


It’s Friday again
And it has been a long week
Surviving was key
Key to what, you say?
And that I don’t know for sure
Lost sight of the prize
So hands on the wheel
Keep straight on the path of life
Is all I can do
Heading is unknown
Just following the white line
To see where it leads
So many people
Around me are struggling too
Suburban combat
How’d we get to here
Where hard workers now suffer
And scramble to win
Call it what you will
May be a recession or
Just a depression
No matter the tag
Consequences are for all
Humanity = one
What good are leaders
If they don’t see their people
Or notice their plight
Words and ideas
Don’t put food on the table
Action is called for
Political shame
Covers both sides of the fence
Reality lost
Their lack of conduct
Leaves the planet in peril
At risk and alone
My voice is but one
Not loud or even noticed
But I call them out
Provide for your kin
Stop governing for money
And DO something now
Or pack up your bags
Go home, head hung in shame
Return your stipend
Someone new will come
Is my fervent wish and hope
Inaction no more

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Spring, The Tease of Summer

Although Summer hid, I knew she was near
For I caught glimpses of her ankles in a few warm dawnings
And espied her profile while running through the trees
She concealed herself behind a girth of cool skies and gray clouds
Teasing me with her peek-a-boo games of budding flowers and greening grasses
Dampening my pleasure with soggy visits of mist and fog
So I pursued her form, seeking to revisit the time we shared before
When at last I reached the spot where I’d last felt her warmth
I cast aside a layer of mulch and seasons, only to unearth her aura
Her spirit dancing ahead, taunting “Catch me if you can”

Available for Nose Transplant


Two weeks I have fought
Yet this cold is kicking my ass
I surrender now
Pain in the sinus
I know it is infection
Am in denial
Would hit up the doc
30 bucks is all I got
Till the next payday
Will use it for gas
And just hope/pray for the best
In regards to schnozz

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Where For Art Thou, Poetry?

There was an old lady named Vix
Who tried to throw poetry into the mix
Thirty days she did write
Sometimes late into the night
Then she ended it all with this limericks

National Poetry Month is coming to an end, thus closing this chapter of my life known as NaPoWriMo. A poem a day for 30-days! It was fun. I appreciate all your support. I don’t think I will be able to part with my poetry crush very easily, so don’t be surprised if I continue to sometimes annoy beguile you with my poems.

Only One Day Left Of Lovely April

Even though I know I shouldn’t, I do
Even though the light is dim, I seek
Even though odds are against, I struggle
I wake, I sleep, I dream, I wonder
Life goes by while I toil away
The world blossomed whilst I slept
Another month born and gone
Even though it is hard, we try
Even though our love is sometimes ignored, we share
Even though truth is hidden, we find

Day 29. One more. Over and out.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

A moment in time never to be forgotten
As close today as it was 24 years ago
Your cry so weak and timid
Yet bursting in my ears like one hundred fireworks
Going off inside my cranium

Struggle you did as you emerged
Into a world of bright lights and scary voices
“Punky Brewster” the doctor crowed
Don’t know what made him think of that

I held you so tightly, but so shortly
As they whisked you away
So much worry on their faces
Did not allay my fears

What is this? I thought
So much work and effort
And no cuddle time to reward me?
Exhausted I lie on the bed and just cried

Six long hours later
After loving family had gone home
You were delivered unto me
And crept into my heart forever

We have grown together
First daughter, first-time mother
Through hard times and good times
Then harder times still

I could ask for nothing more in a child
Yet you would not be undone
And gifted to me the most lovely of presents
In Ladybug and Butterball

I never thought there could be more
Than a first mother’s love
Yet, you are a gift that just keeps on giving.

Happy Birthday, Nannygoat.

Flowering Bear


Prompt #9 is from Rachel Green: Flowering. Head over to One Single Impression to see more participants.

shannon's easter pics 246

Adorable child
Once a cute little pixie
Feisty tiny bud
Winsome, flowering
Becoming a young woman
Hailing a new world
Gone is the baby
Welcomed is the new lady
Lucky is the world
A blossom like you
Is a grand addition to
The bouquet of life

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