Today be Talk Like A Shipmate Tide,* t’ me, th’ harbingers o’ th’ celebrations o’ Fall. Me favorite time o’ voyage. This voyage I be hopin’ t’ really decorate up fer Fall an’ Halloween, but I may be a tad bit busy:

You’ll be shocked t’ know
Big changes be a’comin
Can ye say new house?

New t’ us at least
A very, very fine house
An’ ‘t has a YARD

After carefully following Wacky Mommy’s house hunting advice (who would have thunk a house that comes with its own live-in homeless person is worth LESS than others?), we made an offer on a home. Yes, a home. For me. And my family. Offer accepted and in 30 days we should commence operation Vixen’s Den Transplantation v3.0

We chose it because:

  • It has a yard. Have any of you tried to live with four people and four dogs without a yard? If yes, you have my deepest sympathies.
  • The living room is not flanked by a large parking lot and people can’t look in my windows.
  • There is a yard. Front and back. Ladybug can run and jump and play.
  • A garage! A cute, adorable one car garage for Mr. Vixen to get all his tools out from storage.
  • No one lives on top of me. Most especially no one that seems to be flaying alive her children (just a wild guess based on their bloody screaming).
  • Did I mention that it has a yard? With a fence? Trees? Like an “I can now plant a garden kind of yard”?
  • It is still only two bedrooms, about the same square footage we are in now. But we are outside people and spend most of our time on our balcony. And now we have a yard we can be in AND a big screen room!
  • We will pay less towards the mortgage than we are paying to rent right now. Because it was cheap. As in bank owned cheap.

*Today is Talk Like A Pirate Day ya lily livered scurvy cur! Click here t’ be seein’ may family all dressed up as buccanneers. For more Haiku Friday visit A Mommy Story.