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Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Decoder :: Ring
  2. Cake :: walk
  3. Sense :: Spidey
  4. Geek :: high school
  5. Cousin :: too many to count
  6. Goggles :: snorkle
  7. Social media :: time consuming
  8. Butterfly :: bush
  9. Search :: and rescue
  10. Manicure :: pedicure

Elephants and grandchildren never forget

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I have two SOOC (straight out of the camera) shots for this week. The girls had their first ever horse riding turns last Sunday on Calypso. They both really, really loved it. Ladybug would have liked to “go faster”, but  What-about-me? was quite content to go “slowly”. Scroll down for unconscious mutterings.


Below, Ladybug is explaining to me the hard “leg tricks” she is performing. She had never been a horse before, yet had created her own ‘tricks’ and was performing them brilliantly.


Our prompts from LunaNina this week:

  1. Judge :: not, lest ye be judged
  2. Safe ::  zone
  3. Boulevard ::  tattoo
  4. 27 ::  Nannygoat?!
  5. Next ::  time I will be a little better
  6. Ma’am ::  Yes, Sir.
  7. Desktop ::  publishing
  8. Club :: what I will take to Mr. Vixen’s head if he ever accidentally shoots me in the leg with an air soft gun again.
  9. Violet ::  flower
  10. Enamel :: teapot

Specifically Purposeless


  1. Cups :: coffee
  2. Brilliant :: bright
  3. Disobey :: refuse
  4. Abstain :: refrain
  5. Daily :: dose
  6. You make me :: feel like a natural woman
  7. Hurl :: throw
  8. Intensify :: heat
  9. Fuck! :: the word makes me wince
  10. Race ::The Amazing

An Unfortunate Glimpse Into My Mind


  1. Magical ::watching Butterball take her first steps down my hall
  2. Shrimp ::scampi
  3. Project Runway :: really skinny chicks
  4. Economy ::frightening
  5. Porch ::on my front porch looking in at my family is the best view
  6. State of affairs ::presidential debates are tiring
  7. .com ::home away from home
  8. Fifty cents ::heavy in my wallet
  9. Ripping ::what I hate to do when I screw up an apron (Only three Halloween aprons left-on SALE-go buy one at ApronFrenzy)
  10. Bull ::Cow

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