Day Before Yesterday

The day before yesterday (yes, I am sure of it), my youngest baby was in elementary school, my middle was in middle school and my oldest was just getting the hang of high school.

Today, my youngest is getting her driver’s permit and my oldest is going to find out whether my SECOND grandchild is a girl or a boy?

I am very afraid, as I seem to have misplaced about 10 years. Has anyone seen them?


Ode To The House on Honey Water


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  1. Macdougal

    Did you check Lloyd’s jacket pocket? They might be there. Or maybe they bounced off the tramp into the neighbor’s yard. They might even be under the pond with the squirrel. How about the holes in the wall? Did you check them? Maybe we left them in the tent trailer. Are they in Bears’ softball bag? Could they have fallen off my bmx bike down at the Lake Hodges trails? Call up Iomega, they might know. Hell, maybe it was Calarco or Adolph, they were always up to no good. Maybe Nanny goat left them in Utah? Or maybe Jason took them to NY? Did you ask anybody at Westwood elementary? How about BHMS? I bet you Mr. Whitmont has them! You know, if you would’ve just tied a string to them, the old lady up the street would help you find them.

  2. NannyGoat


  3. Midget

    God I can’t wait to visit.

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