Fear and Hope

I was born in the early 60s. I grew up in a school where we had scheduled “Bomb drills”. I grew up trained to react to the sirens. It was as much a part of learning as the ABCs. Images like these haunted my days and my dreams. I didn’t watch, so much as study movies like The Day After. As I aged, those experiences created a fear which spawned planning. I planned how we would survive after a nuclear explosion. Where we would go, what we would need, how we would get there. As a teenager I learned as many “old-fashioned” crafts as possible. Storing that information for use in a world where machines were destroyed. After I started having children, I dreamed about it. I mapped out the bomb shelters, knowing where each one was-closest to the grocery store, the preschool, my work. About how I would get to the kids if they weren’t with me and, once again, how we would survive. I never doubted that most of my family would survive because I was prepared. I realize now that what I had, and still have, is hope. It might not be logical, but it’s what I have.

Now 2/3s of my children are adults. I can share with them my plans for survival, in fact I can expand these plans now because they are old enough to help (I go directly to store…canned goods only….you go to Sporting Goods Store….fuel, guns, ammo….you go fetch horses and tack…then we all meet up and travel to Great Grama’s cabin in the mountains). They laugh at me. Not at my grandiose plans, but at the idea that there would be a chance to implement my plans. They have no hope. Not the slightest smidgen of a thought that we would survive. No plans, just boom and bye bye.

I find this tremendously sad. In a world as tenuous and frightening as today, why don’t they have hope? What has happened in the world to take that away from our children? They need hope, we all do.


A Light At The End Of The Tunnel


Not ripped from the headlines, but it did happen. Not to me.


  1. AT

    They know, as do I, that when the zombie invasion comes, there will be no stopping it.

  2. Dam AT, you sound just like my son. Why are you all so afraid of the dam zombies? I mean once a long time ago before either of you were born they may have been scary, but after MJ/Thriller they just became really good dancers.

  3. You’ll see when the zombies come, they are out for blood!! And just because the thiller zombies could dance, did not make them any less creepy.

  4. I always hope that I have things set up well enough that we would survive a natural disaster. We have a well we could dip water out of, we have a wood cook stove, and I have a lot of stored food, due to canning and buying in bulk. I think we could survive for at least a month on what is here. A bomb hitting our place is completely different.

  5. Well, we just don’t know what kind of disaster it will be, what it will look like or how people will react. Will stores be open or complete whipped out? Plans are good and important (didn’t you share these plans with them as they were growing up?) Or maybe I just worry too much. 🙂

  6. I think the difference in the younger generations (I was born at the last couple of months of the 70s) is that we were taught to laugh at the people that actually believed drop and cover was going to do them a darn bit of good in case of a nuclear attack. But what were people supposed to do? Tell children that chances are they were going to die if a bomb went off near enough for them to know it. How is that going to help? They predicted an earthquake when I was in the 8th grade on a fault not far from where I live, and we actually had a teacher who told us where the morgue would be in case of an earthquake, “because in case of an 8 earthquake people were going to die.” She told 8th graders this!!! I was disturbed! And now that I have a child I am even more disturbed. Kids don’t need to know that! Of course, it turns out there wasn’t an earthquake, that fault has been quiet since the 60s.

    I’m betting in the event of something truly horrific the stores will be so stripped there will be no chance to buy a single thing, which makes the fact that I still haven’t set up my emergency kit even worse! I keep making plans to create my emergency stash but never actually do.

    A note on horses…

    Did you watch Jericho? Probably given your disaster planning tendencies. hehe Is it just me or was it just STUPID that as soon as the EMP knocked out all their cars that they didn’t move all the horses in the vicinity into town to keep them away from all the thieves ? That made me mad! I mean you’d think people would be smarter than that.

    And zombies! OF course we are afraid of zombies! Cause someone is going to release a bio-engineered one of these days that does something just like that! Because people are disturbed and I am absolutely sure someone is working on it! In case of zombies I have plans though…oh yes, I have plans.

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