Why I Keep Plugging Along

I am sitting here working my butt off (that can’t be true, or my butt would be much smaller) and I get an IM from Bear who is babysitting Ladybug:

Bear: (3:32:12 PM): this is about your grandchild’s day

Bear: (3:32:23 PM): first

Bear: (3:32:33 PM): your husband locked her in the dog run (note she says “your husband”, apparently not claiming him as dad today)

Bear: (3:35:01 PM): now after that

Bear: (3:35:09 PM): we played with chalk outside      

Bear: (3:36:31 PM): then after that

Bear: (3:36:40 PM): we cooled off in the sprinklers

Bear: (3:38:58 PM): then since it was such a long day

Bear: (3:39:15 PM): we relaxed on the chair and watched elmo

Bear: (3:40:43 PM): hahah

Bear: (3:41:01 PM): she did the whole arms behind her head thing herself

That baby Bear is a most awesome daughter. Don’t know how she knew today was a day I really needed something like this. I love my kids!


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  1. Macdougal

    It would appear that even when things seem bad, there’s always something wonderful going on not too far away. Next time you feel down, try to imagine what the little ladybug is up to. It never fails to put a smile on my face. And just so you know, I love you.

  2. Absolutely adorable. I love kid pictures.

    And my kid likes to lock HERSELF in the dog cage.

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